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    Using Canon EF lenses of a full frame Canon camera

    They are still not a replacement for EF lenses, which is the meaning of my post.
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    Using Canon EF lenses of a full frame Canon camera

    The R mount is not a replacement, it is an alternative mount for a different series of cameras. EOS cameras will continue to use EF lenses.
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    Using Canon EF lenses of a full frame Canon camera

    EF lenses will work just fine on your current camera - no need for any adaptor. When you upgrade to a full frame camera, any EF lenses you have used with your current camera will also work with your new full frame camera - again, no adaptor required. EF-S lenses will work with your current...
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    I was given a lift to work one day which involved the road through Cusgarne in Cornwall. There were riders ahead of us going the same way as us. My friend drove up behind the horses and when he was about six feet from them leant heavily on his horn. The poor horses nearly jumped off their shoes...
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    Exposure compensation vs Manual Mode

    Many decades ago, light meters were calibrated to around 18% grey but not in 2020. The TTL exposure systems in modern cameras are far more sophisticated and take the type of image into account.
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    Exposure compensation vs Manual Mode

    You're ruling out me using my Contax II? None of my best cameras allow me to look through the lens.
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    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    We live in the city centre and parking is a nightmare - we get commuters by day as well as locals. There is one woman who always parked in the middle of two car spaces. She got regularly told by us and various neighbours and has found somewhere else to park. Sorted for us but not for wherever...
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    Pulling my hair out with Imac issues

    If it is not the software - and it cannot be if more than one program is doing it - it must be the hardware.
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    Using Old DOS programs today ???

    You can get USB floppy drives.
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    Adobe haters, I have a question for you

    When I did my marketing qualification (back in 91/92), we were given a group exercise to do. Thus involved a real project that our tutor had taken to market. We were given manufacturing costs for this device which was an electrical tool used by professional beauticians. So, we had injection...
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    Adobe haters, I have a question for you

    All retail prices, in every sector, are based on what the market will bear. The market in Aldi will not bear the same retail price for baked beans as the market in Harrods will so Aldi beans are cheaper than Harrods beans. Adobe have discovered that the market will bear a price of £120 a year...
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    Exposure compensation vs Manual Mode

    Absolutely definitely!
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    Beginner Newbie

    No, not for film and conventional. That is a digital camera , not a film camera. The 400D was a good camera in its time and will still produce good digital images. It is fairly old so will not be as good as its current replacement but for most amateur purposes will still be more than adequate.
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    Very outdated films?

    Practically new. The oldest colour film I have ever shot was just over 40 years old. That did produce a slight colour magenta cast but nothing that filtration couldn't deal with.
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    Do you think Nikon will make an SLR again

    The way that production lines work, they will make cameras in the order of thousands at a time. Retooling between models is expensive.