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    What do you look for in a film lab?

    What I do not like is when the lab just quotes the file size of the scan. I want to know the pixel resolution and compression - file size is basically meaningless.
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    Is It Too Good To Be True?

    It is posted? And when the film arrives next week?
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    We had a card through the door from a Hermes driver last week. Nothing what so ever written on it - just the blue card with Hermes name at the top and a number of white boxes for the driver to not write in. Very useful! Our neighbour delivered the parcel a few hours later.
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    I can't help you with your problem but although you are interested in the dynamics of heat transfer, it has nothing to do with thermodynamics.
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    Official ID thread

    Thank you, Ajophoto. I do have a book on the British Hymenoptera but there are so many of them and the keys require microscopic features. The book has the proud boast of nearly 300 illustrations which is next to useless.
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    Official ID thread

    Thank you, Cobra.
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    Official ID thread

    I would appreciate a name for this critter. I think it must be a wasp of some sort (very thin waist) but that is as near as I can get. It was at Gibralter Point, Skagness yesterday. To the west was sand dune, to the east was salt marsh. It was on the footpath between the two.
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    Is It Too Good To Be True?

    The seller has a grand total of 15 positive feedbacks.
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    Ebay / paypal anomaly

    Option 1) can't happen. Once a seller agrees to PayPal, the process is completely out of the seller's control. Either PayPal or your bank had a glitch. My debit card stopped working for an hour or so last week - this was in shops, not PayPal.
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    Tick bite. Should i be worried?

    On the day that you pick up the tick, even if the tick is infected with Lyme disease, it would not be possible for the doctor to test for the disease so what can the doctor suggest other than wait a bit.
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    Covid Share-buying surge

    The lack of activity once they have bought all they dare will slow the market even if it does not crash it. The shares they have bought will reduce in value quite quickly.
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    When I first met Bestveloved (who is a very keen birder) i mentioned a seagull and was firmly corrected. Over the intervening 20 years, i have made sure to see and mention a SEAgull every time we go out. I barely get an eye-roll now but maintaining standards is important.
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    Places to buy used cameras

    I haven't seen a camera in a charity shop for some years. I get mine off eBay for the most part. Prices are fine if you are patient- they only go up if several people are interested. I just wait until a camera I would like comes up when no one else is interested.
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    Are You Still Using Cash?

    Before the lockdown i only used cash for my favourite coffee shop. Elsewhere, I have used cards only for some years.
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    What vintage is this FP4?

    The latest metal cassettes were available? Today. Nearly all film is supplied in metal cassettes. FP4 was discontinued in 1990 so the film is at least 30 years old. It was introduced in 1968 so is less than 52 years old .