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    Identify a lens...

    The Zeiss lenses are probably Praktica bayonet mount lenses and the Fuji lenses the original X-mount (not to be confused with the mirrorless X-mout).
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    Factory reset

    As far as I know, it just resets your alterations to settings. It can be worth doing if you have made a lot of changes and are getting poor results. I have never found it necessary with an EOS camera but I have with my Panasonic Lumix TZ80.
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    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    Negatives long gone, I'm afraid. When I was a child, Marriott's shaft was not only not capped but our water supply to Treskillard was pumped from there, filtered through sand and pumped to the 'village'. We got mains water from Stithians in 1966. The burras are gone - Elephant Burra was about...
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    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    Mychildhood was not a very happy one and I needed a place to escape to. I lived half a mile from an abandoned mine site - South Wheal Frances - and would hide away in the derelict buildings. My first camera was a 1930s folding Agfa with which I learnt the basics - guessing exposures, finding out...
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    A local set...

    I like a good bit of mist and fog. The first picture is a bit empty for my taste but the monochrome one of the tree tunnel is excellent.
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    Dam overflow

    Stithian's Dam in Cornwall.
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    Dam overflow

    I am not sure what I think of these. They are not quite what I was expecting at the time - perhaps this was something that was better looked at rather than photographed. On the other hand, I do quite like them.
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    Does an image need a title and/or explanation?

    A title is always nice. If a picture needs an explanation, the picture has failed. Applies to any form of communication. If I am listening to a piece of music, I do not want a selection of pictures I must look at before I can enjoy the music or if I am reading a novel, I don't want it to come...
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    Using a fully manual camera. I can’t relax and shoot!

    When I am using a fully manual camera, I either use Sunny 16 (which works very well) or I take a few meter readings at different angles to where I am standing and use the average. I will update this after about half an hour. Being one stop out either way just does not matter. Being two tops out...
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    Pre Washing Tri-X before developing

    The anti-halation dye does no harm to either the developer or the fixer. The last time I checked, non of the film makers recommended pre-washing the film.
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    I'm Confused about pushing or pulling film

    The main effect of pushing a film is to increase contrast rather than compensate for under exposure. Best to buy a faster film.
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    Set the camera to burst mode. The first shot is likely to be the shakiest and if you take three shots of everything you have three times the chance that one is steady. If you can use live mode, pull the camera down quite hard on the neck strap and shoot from waist level.
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    camera strap for a bad back ?

    I use a shoulder harness I bought from London Camera Exchange. I do not know the make but but it was their cheapest one.