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    Beginner which camera to choose meeting

    We want one that’s good for chimping.......
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    What is the photograph you are bored rigid from seeing

    My “corporate headshot” photo that work insists I have against my messaging profiles and company directory entry. See it all the time and it I just reminds me I’m not out somewhere much nicer with the camera......
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    Car parts are a scam?

    That’s one of the reasons I’ll not buy another Volvo - felt like I was being ripped a new one any time it needed a part replaced. Even my BMW cars and bikes I’ve had since are low cost - in comparison!!
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    The state of the art in 1956

    I spent time working on the original Televideo PM file servers - biggest hard drive they supported was 70MB and many of the customers I visited ran entire companies on one of those servers. I have single TIFF files bigger than that........
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    Mobile Phone Takeover?

    Well seeing as most DSLRs and hobby level compacts now have speakers and microphones to support video I wonder how long it’ll be before they fit a SIM socket so you can also use your camera as a phone!! [emoji16][emoji16]
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    Any baristas (coffee enthusiats) among us? :-)

    To be honest most of the bulk roaster or supermarket beans are pretty rubbish. If you can find a small independent shop then that’s much better - failing that then online is a start. I currently use Exchange Coffee (shops in Skipton and Clitheroe as well as online) but also HR Higgins online in...
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    Any baristas (coffee enthusiats) among us? :-)

    Also get a thermometer so you don’t oversteam the milk and get it too hot.....
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    Free Health Checks

    I had one a few years back which was basically 15-20 minutes of basic stuff with a nurse ending up telling me to eat healthily and giving me a sheet of paper of dietary advice which effectively told me to carry on eating in the way I already was..... I registered with a new doctor about 18...
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    How can i change the colour of bath water?

    Think the bath water would have changed colour all by itself over 8 years.......
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    Lost my mojo

    I’m very much in the “don’t force it” camp - lost count of the times I’ve charged up the camera batteries, chucked the gear in the car and headed out only to return home without even switching the engine off!! For me it’s been a case of not knowing what I want to photograph so without that the...
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    Epson WF-7620 issue

    Which application are you printing from? Some apps/browsers have PDF previewers that might cause issues when printing. Try saving the PDF to disk, open it in Adobe Reader and print from that - if you’ve not already given that a go......
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    Can you claim to be a great photographer when using modern high tech gear ?

    I have an electronic tuner I can plug into my guitar so that it's perfectly in tune - does that make me a great guitarist? (BTW - the answer's "no" as anyone who's heard me play will attest [emoji16]) At best the technology can only help in creating a technically good photo - it's the human...
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    Bird Photographer of the Year - these are amazing .......

    Most of those are pretty special - the rest just special! Love the one of the chick hugging the parent's beak.....
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    What's Your History With Canon Digital Cameras ?

    Been with Canon for a good while now starting with an A1 in 1980....... Replaced that with an EOS30 (the film one not a 30D). Moved to digital with the 5D to carry on with the same lenses. After a while got the 5D Mkii which is still my main camera - no compelling need to upgrade right...
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    App (iOS) NSFW photos in new mobile app

    Just to highlight that with the new IOS app photos that are linked are still shown in the forum post list if the post is flagged as NSFW. Nothing to do with the content - purely a functionality thing - but an example is the "Lady and horse" thread in OOF - the thread has been flagged NSFW but...