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    Private Reg.

    I did this a few months ago, but in reverse. I was removing a private plate from a car to sell. Complete dvla form online and within the hour I had the necessary paperwork (email). Problem came in getting physical plates made up. Halfords wanted to see the document and the email was not valid...
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    From Sky to BT.. Myth busted ...

    Most definitely. My nb went up to £34 with BT I decided to move to Vodafone for £19, double the speed. Thought I'd give BT a chance and they managed to reduce it to £21 after me explaining what vf were able to offee. But thst 21pcm cost was for 34Mbs compared to 57Mbs that vf were offering...
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    Wedding Photographer hasn't delivered photos two years on....

    Sound then out. If they have taken the monies and have not produced the goods, are still in business, then thst is tantamount to thievery. A f2f discussion is clearly the only way this is going to be resolved as they refuse to accept letters. I'm sure it is the same if they were called.... If...
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    First F1...

    I was there as well. Crazy Dutch folk. Thr ones near me were laughing when Hamilton crashes in quali. Wish I was near them on Sunday when Max lasted 30 secs.... We sat on thr Kemmel straight and saw folk on thr other side who had much more lush grass to sit on. So on Sunday we looked to get...
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    Energy supply

    Inc the £50 saving?
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    Energy supply

    I moved to Tonik. Seem good. Move was smooth and all details available online. I for one Want a smart meter, but they don't seem to have availability, not are pushing it Also offering £50 referral if someone joins via a code I have been given (I get the same as well). If anyone wants one...
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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    Loved Vettel moving 2nd place in front of the Mercedes.... Made his view quite clear!!
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    Broadband, which provider

    Was with PlusNet and moved to BT. Strangely enough, whikt they are 'the same', I have had better speeds and stability with BT. £30/m, but went via broadband genie and got something off/amazon gift card.
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    The "fine time piece" owners thread.

    Hello 2019 Bat man..... Skydweller with blue dial next....
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    Facebook scam, how do I report?

    Offer to buy it and collect. See what the seller does....
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    Please explain car keys to me

    A few years ago it was circa 200 for my Porsche. Only went and found the key after sourcing a replacement..... [emoji24][emoji24]
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    70 - 200 2.8 - advice needed

    I have a mk i 70-200 2.8is (it gets heavy after a while) . I also have a 1.4 TC that sits in my bag. For me it is a great lens and the 1.4 on it does not affect the quality largely. But, there is a drop in quality. The question you need to answer is do you NEED a length greater than 200 (and...
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    EPCs and energy usage

    The B2B market is different to the domestic. There is a greater linkage to the current wholesale market and forecasts of Non Commodity costs. In the domestic market these have to be forecast for a longer time period. Either way, I would suggest that using 12p/kWh is about the right level for...
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    Best shows on Prime/Netflix?

    Our Planet (narrated by David Attenborough) looks good. Something to keep the kids off the banal shows that they watch....
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    Non UK Costa Rica next week

    Just awesome!!