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    Tamron 150-600 with Sigma TC1.4

    Thanks, I have D7100 & D600, would probably use it on the D7100 for wild life - don't want to get too close to the wild lions. IQ looks ok from that image - how do your rate IQ?
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    Tamron 150-600 with Sigma TC1.4

    Has anyone tried using the non G2 Tamron 150-600 with a sigma (or other) TC 1.4? I have seen on another thread that canon users appear to be able to use this combination. Can Nikons also use it? Nikon say their AF is good for f8 but this will be f9 @600mm
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    NAS Drives

    You could use a NAS but unless you have a leased line you upload speed is limited. go with an online provider like ProDropbox. Look at ftp sites too
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    The vividness of a photo

    Do you use lightroom and do you shoot raw? With raw you really need to 'develop' the image in post. In the above image try shifting highlights up, clarity up (I always add vibrance if using clarity). There are loads of other tools that can make your images POP!
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    Regret Going (or not) A2 vs A3+ ?

    A3 printers I'm are rediculously priced for that extra 90mm. I went A2 then cried when it broke
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    iPhone 7

    What ino vation 2x optical zoom and bluetooth headset. Now if it's just numbers your after try the Samsung K zoom. 20mp camera, variable zoom and the choice of bt or jack for music. And you know apple will use a special protocol so you must buy apple buds sometime in the future. I'll be...
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    Epson Scanner issues

    Not sure if this the right forum but..... I have a Epson scanner - it still works fine but the PC interface has stopped working. It appears to load but stays minimised. I've tried maximising via task manger, re-installed the app and uninstalled and reinstalled the whole Epson suite. Running...
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    Tamron 150/600mm len

    @Wasp did you send it to Tamron? I'm sure they will refund the postage as it is a design fault
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    Blinking Power Light

    might help if you stated the model and version of os. Check sleep hasn't changed to hibernate as a first check
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    Emergency replacement PC

    Yes but I don't have one. All fixed now. Thanks
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    Emergency replacement PC

    Died as in inverter and screen failing.
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    Emergency replacement PC

    My pc has just died in the middle of a project (as well as real work and life). I can't afford to wait too long so probably stuck with a currys buy. Are any mobile gpus compatible with LR/PS? My suggestion is...
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    First softbox

    I have some simple TTL triggers Stand?
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    First softbox

    OK guys, decision made. I'm getting this one What else do I need? I'm guessing just a stand? (remember its for a speed light)
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    First softbox

    thanks guys but pretty confused now. As I'm aiming to do waist up portraits is the 60x90 a better size? I presume the softbox is slightly higher then the target and angled slightly down (Which is why @Phil V says the octagon version is no good)? I will need an s bracket as beam is a bit awkward...