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    Washing Your Car!

    After years of saying I'll buy a blow dryer, and never actually getting around to it, I've finally had the chance to give 1, or rather 3, a try! View: Do you guys use a blow dryer? If so, are you a home detailer or a pro? And if you do, does that...
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    Washing Your Car!

    So at the weekend I decided to tackle my neighbour's alloy wheels on his 2007 Seat Ibiza! These wheels have probably never had a proper clean in their 12 years, let along a "wheels off" detail..... View:
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    Washing Your Car!

    Another video you may find useful View:
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    Have You Heard Of TobyDeals?

    Thinking of buying a Moza Air 2 from TobyDeals. Their price is almost £200 cheaper than anyone else. However, the reviews seem to be mixed. Mostly negative, but the positive ones just suggest the problem is due to a delay in shipping (from Hong Kong). Do I pay on credit card and take a chance...
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    Washing Your Car!

    Thought some of you might find this useful. View:
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    Trip to New York, questions!

    Not long since got back - ok, about 6 weeks ago. We go every couple of years. the last was our 4th trip there. You'll be fine - remember, no signal on the subway. Although TBH, you'll probably walk everywhere when possible. This last trip we used the subway more, but only because we was going...
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    I heard this song earlier in the week whilst listening to a Lana Del Rey playlist View: I cannot get this track out of my head!
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    Washing Your Car!

    Finally got round to giving my car it's winter prep this weekend. View:
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    Washing Your Car!

    I've been working on a new YouTube channel for the past few months, so if you're into cars, and keeping them shiny, be sure to subscribe to the new Detailing World YouTube channel....
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    Create animated map showing car route?

    I've been messing around making various animations for our American Adventure later this year (which includes an awesome road trip)... Sounds like I've made exactly what you want. Do you have access to After Effects?
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    using a 4k capable camera for videoing- what lens

    I guess it depends how close/far to/from the subject you are..... On my Lumix G7, I'd probably use my 25mm (which is more like 50mm on a FF). And that's simply due to the f1.7 aperture it has allowing me to blur the background (with the use of a ND filter)
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    Tatton Park Stars and Stripes American Car Show

    Popped along to this yesterday, and glad I did. Hell, even SWMBO enjoyed it! here are a few pics, and as is standard from me, a video to soon follow (all pics quickly snapped on the phone) Shame it wasn't red SWMBO loves Mustangs, especially the new ones, and loves this colour...
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    DSLR Motorised Slider

    Funny this pops up, yet again (last night and the night before) I have been looking at sliders. The price of motorised is way out of my league at the moment for what I'd use it, so looking for cheap manual operated ones.
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    Peter McKinnon's B-Roll Challenge

    On the back of this, I decided to make a quick video over the weekend. Nothing amazing, just messing around with more "B-Roll" type stuff View:
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    Drone Video at Night

    Nice... Wasn't sure of that was doable even with a PfCO.... I'm considering the possibility of doing mine in a year or so, but TBH, I don't fly the drone enough for personal, let alone even considered business use. So for now, probably a waste of cash for me