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    Beginner New to photography.

    Choose well and the tools will last a long time. Don't just follow the latest trends. You will also find some invaluable and very good advice on photographic lighting technique by one of the most knowledgeable posters on here and he is dispensing it for our benefit...
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    Free lighting e-book

    Thanks Garry, Positive review left for Amazon to process. Now for more reading…….. Cheers Shreds
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    Phone vs camera

    I get to work some pretty awkward and space limited dark places where the phone is the logical option. Once out of those cramped conditions then nothing beats the proper camera. I could use it in the dark places too, but work is all about getting the result swiftly. Time is money as well as the...
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    Free lighting e-book

    Garry, Only just seen this. As one of the more knowledgeable and informed posters on here, I always valued your opinions (and Lencarta made a few quid as a result too), so more than happy to post a review for you. Email coming by pm.
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    Essex/Hertfordshire landscape locations?

    You have a massive variety of places to explore from the Thames, up the Lee Valley, out to the Coast, Epping Forest (especially in autumn) and some tranquil landscapes and river scapes away from the crowds, as well as historic buildings, villages and structures. Should keep you busy for months...
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    Beginner New to photography.

    Its a complete mixture here, just like life. You wont get criticised much but your pics may put others to shame. Who knows until you post? Sean's forum site is much less about gear and more about good critique. Try it. His pbase site is good to see quality images.
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    Beginner New to photography.

    Go out and experiment for yourself initially. You will need to get to know your camera before you can refine it. And you do realise you will never have any money ever again because there will always be on better upgrade you are convinced you need. Except you dont. The skill is in your eye and...
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    Urban decay, carriages in the sidings awaiting restoration

    Windows and coach ends make it look like a 1980s refurbished ex BR (SR) electric multiple unit coach. The corridor connection window is a red herring although it might have been used for a push-pull operation on a preserved railway? ‘Painted at Rampart 5.08’ on the end is a further clue as to...
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    Poundland brings back film - BUT (Dateline December 2018)

    Simple answer; Yes. Back in the day our company used to be supplied with rolls of 10 or 12 frames, so that each project could be shot and processed very quickly in accordance with time demands from clients. Using standard 24/36 frame spools just wasted film. This continued even into the 1990s...
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    lens fungus

    1. Never put lenses away if they have been wet or in high humidity. 2. Silica gel is cheap and generally safe. ( those that change colour with use are less so as they contain chemicals for colour change do best to avoid). 3. Remove gel sacs and dry out on a radiator on a regular basis to ensure...
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    Underwater photograpy

    You will find that if you pick your locations, you don't need to be diving to 30m which introduces all the light degradation and need for supplementary stuff, but as is said, get to be a great diver where everything is second nature before wanting to photograph it all as well. Shallow...
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    How to photograph a Steam Train at night?

    Dont use a flashgun on any railway or they will throw you off and not welcome you back anytime. Its a safety issue for the drivers and it is well known amongst professional and amateur railway photographers not to attempt it. Do long exposures with a tripod, but also be aware that in many...
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    Dambusters Anniversary Flight

    Hurricane doing a flypast over North Nottinghamshire now.
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    File format for pic and mac

    You need to nowadays use exFAT, it doesn't have the same size limitation that FAT & FAT32 have. External WD HDDs come with it preloaded.
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    Dropped Nikon Lens

    Fixation are quick and produce a very credible and worthwhile job, just like new, but as said, it may not be cheap. Still, neither is a new 24-70mm. Soho to Kennington - no distance at all really.