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    Sony v Nikon

    I was thinking D850 / D500 and 500pf
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    Sony v Nikon

    I have decided to sell all my Canon gear so now I’m looking at the Sony A9ll +200-600 mm or Nikon D850 or D500 with the 500mm Pf for wildlife and bird photography Can I ask people’s opinion on these two setups please and if anyone has either of these kits and what there thoughts are , many thanks .
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    Canon 5D IV for BIF

    Hi does anyone use the canon 5D IV for wildlife and in particular birds in flight as was wondering what the auto focus was like . many thanks
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    canon 500mm f4 is v canon 500mm f4 ii

    Has anyone upgraded from there 500mm f4 is to the mk ii version if so how does it compare i know its lighter but what about is , focus speed , and using extenders with it how does it compare to the old one , many thanks .
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    Reach vs Megapixels

    Hi i wonder if i can have peoples views on my quandary at the moment i use a 1dx 18 megapixels + 7dii 20 megapixels which i use for bird /Wildlife photography on my 500mm f4 is version one and sometimes with a 1.4xiii extender but i still find my shots are not close enough so my question is...
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    Canon 1DX

    Hi , currently im using a 1DX + 500mm f4 is + 1.4 iii extender for my bird photography but im finding with the extender the autofocus takes a bit longer to focus on birds in flight which i knew would be the case with extenders so is there any settings on the 1DX that could be tweaked that would...
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    Neewer Gimbal head

    Hi i purchased a Neewer gimbal head brand new but have noticed when i lay my tripod down on its side with the head on it i get fluid leaking from it, i guessing this shouldn't happen so was wondering is it because its a cheap one its just not that good . has anyone else had this problem with...
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    canon 300mm 2.8 is v 150-600 sig or tam

    Hi at the moment i am using a 300mm 2.8 is version 1 with a 2x extender for wildlife and BIF although its not a bad set up it isnt the best for focus speed in the future im looking to get a 500mm 0r 600mm prime but will have to wait a while , so what im am asking is would my setup at the moment...
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    Canon 500mm f4 is mk 1

    Is the canon 500mm f4 is mk1 still worth getting im seeing them as cheap as £2000 , i know canon doesnt services them anymore but its still around £3000 cheaper than a mk 2 one . is it worth the gamble or not if i picked up a good one ?
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    Canon 500mm vs 600mm

    I am looking to get either a 500mm mk 1 or 2 or 600mm mk 1 for wildlife photography mainly birds , the bodies i use are 7dmk ii and 1dx v1 , i would be using 1.4xiii extender as well with either . can anyone give me there reviews and pros and cons of these lenses if possible please . many thanks
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    Canon 1dx v1 + zoom lens

    great shots
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    Canon 1dx v1 + zoom lens

    thanks Mike , do you have any photos on flickr ?
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    Canon 1dx v1 + zoom lens

    Hi I have at the moment a 1dx v1 and I 100-400ii and sometimes use a 1.4 extender on it but obviously it pushes the aperture to f8 and not all Rico’s point either , so I’m thinking would a sigma 150-600 contemporary or a tamron 150-600 g2 be any better for that extra reach and have all focus...
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    Viewfinder clean

    The dirt is inside the eyepiece
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    Viewfinder clean

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove the viewfinder and clean it on a 1dx ? . Thanks