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    Something a bit odd

    Both of these work for me, overall i prefer the first, i always like to see something new and out of the ordinary!
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    TP Night Time Meet photographs

    spotted..... by The-dodo, on Flickr hells domes by The-dodo, on Flickr The Lone Tree by The-dodo, on Flickr
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    TP Night Time Meet photographs

    RibbleHead Viaduct by The-dodo, on Flickr ribblehead by night by The-dodo, on Flickr The stars above by The-dodo, on Flickr Talk About Photograpy by The-dodo, on Flickr Fade into the night by The-dodo, on Flickr Space cadets by The-dodo, on Flickr pure nuttyness by The-dodo, on Flickr
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    TP Night Time Meet photographs

    I could do that but the images are not on flickr yet, i was going to upload them straight to here, but thats proving a pain so flickr is the way to go, just waiting for them to upload now mate
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    TP Night Time Meet photographs

    Well im certainly glad to be back on TP after somewhat of a long holiday, had some great fun on saturday, although come monday morning must say i was a touch sore (possibly from my cliff hanging antics) I am also completely lost with the new forum software so if someone could give me a quick...
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    North England Ribblehead Viaduct for Stars/Milky Way ***TONIGHT WED 15/7***

    Right then, first off im glad to be back with the TP family, last weekends meet went fantastically well, and those that didnt get much time with me, hopefully that can be sorted for the next meet. Im currently working upon sorting work issues around the proposed date, and will train someone up...
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    Critique Storm in a teacup

    that works really well, was this one of the tutorial images that come with the magazines, i find them really usefull to learn new skills, nice job!
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    TP Charitable Thread - Sponsorship/Donations

    Right guys and girls, I may of started this thread prematurely however, This autumn (dates to be finalised but looking at last week of sept) myself and a good friend will be embarking on the Coast to Coast challenge for a charity close to my heart which is Bethany's Trust
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    My first attempt at Football photography

    Its all good lol, had a feeling it was a woopsie by soneone lol
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    Midlands MEGGA-MEET - Timetable, Ticket Info & Booking. 17th/18th May

    Can someone confirm if im still supplying audio equipment?:)
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    Eos 6d Owners Thread!

    Guess i can now participate in this thread having taken collection of my 6d and 24-105 a few days back, what a great choice i think i have made!!!
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    My first attempt at Football photography

    Ok very random but delving through my flickr stats today i stumbled across this thread, i am not entirely sure why sean has linked one of my photos as his, seeing this is a thread regarding football, and my photo is of a startrail???
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    Morton Corbet by Night

    I like these, moreton corbett is a great place went on a site wrekky with matt there a while back, and looking forward to heading back over for a proper shoot in the near future
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    Critique Lurking in tunnels with wire wool

    No worries, as you said with the raw file i think you should be able to pull some back, failing that makes a great excuse to get back out again:thumbs:
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    A church in the stars

    Not to sure on the composition to be honest, i dont like all the cut off gravestones in the foreground, it makes it all look a touch too busy for me, maybe a slightly different angle would work better. As matt said the trails could do with being a bit more dramatic, it looks as if it was a...