1. PhotoBoris

    Canon Custom Functions for Motorsport Panning

    Hello all, I wondered if anyone could help me with Canon Custom Functions for motorsport panning? There are a few functions in the autofunction section relating to autofocus that seem relevant to panning and motorsport. I was wondering how you would set the following: I was...
  2. heron_AI

    Why is autofocus off from factory?

    Got my new Sigma 18-35/F1.8 DC today and it didn't take long to notice that the AF was off. Luckily I have the Sigma USB Dock and I have started calibrating it (which is quite tedious), I have a few focal lengths at infinty left to do but the day light is fading. Anyway, AF is atleast, or near...
  3. D

    Lens no longer responds to autofocus

    I have a Canon EOS 500D, and my main lens, a Canon 18-55, has recently stopped responding to autofocus. The autofocus works when I have my zoom lens on. Does this mean that the chip in the smaller lens has had it? Can it be repaired, or does it need replacing? Any help and suggestions will be...