1. C

    Online Photo Printing / Display Options - Complete Newbie!

    I take pictures of a place very spacial to me in Dorset and I have been asked to sell some of them. I am only a novice photographer so I didnt want to as felt would be too much pressure as my work is not perfect! But I have decided to get some printed and offer them to be sold at charity events...
  2. PhotoBoris

    How do you carry your kit at the track?

    Simple question really. How do you carry your kit at the circuit and what is in your bag? Whenever I go to a track, I always think I have taken too much kit with me. At the moment, I take: A Canon 70D A Canon 60D A Canon 15-85 A Tamron 70-300 (nice lens, but can produce blurry images at wide...
  3. Craikeybaby

    Protection for mirrorless camera whilst mountain biking?

    After more than 10 years shooting Canon, most of those full frame, I’ve decided to move to a mirrorless system, likely Fuji. The main motivation behind this is that my camera gear often gets left at home. I never take it out on my mountain bike because it is too big to fit in my hydration pack...
  4. Moey

    Lowepro Goodwill Gesture

    Back in January of this year, our house was burgled. During the burglary, they turned the place over whilst the missus was out on the school run. I have a Lowepro Roller Case that I bought last year, it has one of those TSA combination locks on it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they...
  5. M

    Weighing down lightstands - what do you use ?

    Looking for ideas or recommendations for light stand weights. What do you use , buy or make for yourself ? I have seen some striped sand bags on Amazon but have seen no sample in real life, the bright stripe trip hazard colouring appeals. Looking for about 6, so not looking at expensive...
  6. billtakesphotos

    Shoulder Camera bags.

    Hey, I am a hobbyist Photographer, who travels a lot for work. I am looking for suggestions for a good Shoulder camera bag, which I would be able to use as my carry on bag. I generally only ever go away for one or two nights and usually take a minimum amount of clothes. Currently, I am using...