1. sphexx

    DIY wildlife camera & RFID reader

    I thought this site may be of interest: I doubt the definition etc is very high but since they are cheap to make and Wi-Fi connected they could have other uses such as identifying likely spots for photos and so on. They are also working on a DIY RFID reader that...
  2. Red Kite

    Red Kite

  3. S

    Bird photography locations

    hi guys, I'm based in the East Midlands area (Northampton) and have just purchased a Canon 100-400mm lens to go on my Canon EOS R. does anybody know of any good spots for bird photography, perhaps some good Kindfisher spots and what time of the year is best to go?
  4. D


    I do like a kittiwake Kittiwake by David Young, on Flickr
  5. D

    Spent this afternoon with a kingfisher

    I'd normally be photographing professional football on a Saturday afternoon but with the closedown of the season I had a free day. So I went looking for a kingfisher. This was only the second time I've ever seen one, the previous time was just seconds, this one paid me three visits and hung...
  6. KingSaxlingham

    Local Wetlands and Marshes Spots

    Hello, Few shots from the local marshes and wetlands over the last few weeks. Learning to use a long lens with mixed results!
  7. coddy72


    Nuthatch, taken on a wander round a local wood.
  8. Dorsetgent

    Wild Black Tern

    20190826NIKON D500untitled shoot-_DSC0680.jpg by Richard, on Flickr Black Tern Winter plumage Poole Harbour
  9. Daysleeper40

    Banham Beaky Ones - Grounded

    Got in a rare visit to Banham Zoo recently (love it but live nowhere near) and of course we went to every bird show. It is easily the best zoo based bird show I've been too (as in - excluding actual BOP centres) but I still find birds in flight a tad challenging. Don't get a lot of practice to...
  10. Grey Heron in lake

    Grey Heron in lake

  11. Grey Heron 03

    Grey Heron 03

  12. Dunnock Portrait 05

    Dunnock Portrait 05

  13. Dunnock Portrait 04

    Dunnock Portrait 04

  14. Dunnock Portrait 02

    Dunnock Portrait 02

  15. Dunnock Portrait 03

    Dunnock Portrait 03

  16. Dunnock Portrait 01

    Dunnock Portrait 01

    Shot in Sussex with Nikon D810 + Sigma 150-600 C
  17. Dorsetgent

    Great Crested Grebe's Courtship

    Got to see a pair of Great crested grebe's doing their courtship dance 20190408NIKON D500untitled shoot-_DSC7728.jpg by Richard, on Flickr 20190408NIKON D500untitled shoot-_DSC7729.jpg by Richard, on Flickr 20190408NIKON D500untitled shoot-_DSC7730.jpg by Richard, on Flickr
  18. Sing


    This little Robin was singing its heart out for us today in Greenwich Park. My hand was only inches away from it as it took some birdie treats from it. I swear as I whistled a little tune it copied back. Probably not intentional, but I like to think it was :)
  19. david357

    Kingfisher and Great Tit

    Couple of images of a Kingfisher, and one of a Great Tit taken at The Spinnies, Bangor today. Sony A7R3 with Sony 100-400, cropped as you can guess!
  20. Squa7ch

    Some shots from a recent trip to Florida.

    We took a trip to Florida last week and here are some of the shots I managed to get. All taken with my Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 G2.
  21. anisah

    The Joy Of Flight

    Made an impromptu visit to Bempton Cliffs recently. As we were at the top of the cliffs opportunities for seeing flying puffins were few. I spent a lot of time spotting for my wife and others - they got the shots of puffins, I ended up with none!!! Just my luck, but never mind. Was fascinated...
  22. Worbz60


    Please help with ID. Is it a warbler? Still think it's a Dunnock.
  23. wessyfiesta

    Wild Goldeneye

    Male and female Goldeneye Male Goldeneye by sam gosnay, on Flickr Female Goldeneye by sam gosnay, on Flickr
  24. D

    Bird Photography Settings For most of your Cameras

    The camera settings below are designed specifically for bird photography using long lenses (400mm or more) and hand held technique. The settings were designed to allow all types of bird photography without sacrificing anything and without having to change settings other than exposure while in...
  25. Kerioak

    Wild Couple of birds and an ID please

    I have just started taking photos again after a long break and assorted injuries which hopefully are disappearing. I went to Rye Harbour yesterday as it was a high tide hoping that there would be some wading birds within reach but there was only one in the couple of hours I was there and that...
  26. anisah

    Blacktoft Sands - Recent

    Recently my wife and I went on a visit to the RSPB Reserve at Blacktoft Sands in North Lincolnshire. It is a very well laid out site, with all the hides accessible from a single path. The "Visitor Centre" remains open until 1700hrs, and the site does not close until 2100hrs. We chose to go there...
  27. ciars15

    Wild Advice/Critique Wanted: Out-stretched Bird in Cannes

    Hello, I am new to this site but I'm looking for some comments and critiques on this photo I took in Cannes! I appreciate any comments, advice or critiques. Thank you!
  28. anisah

    Two Visitors

    Today these two visited our garden at different times. The first, a juvenile Green Woodpecker, is a fairly regular visitor: 1. Green Woodpecker The picture quality is not as good as I would have liked as it was taken through the class of our conservatory at the rear of the house. I know that...
  29. Moey

    Goose in Mono

    One from today.. .. ..there were two other geese either side that I decided to remove.. .. .