1. Robclarke

    Canary Wharf from Blackwall Basin Long Exposure

    Taken with Leica M10-P and Elmar 24mm Canary Wharf from Blackwall Basin by biotecbob, on Flickr
  2. D

    Hello, I'm new here and quite new to forums in general.

    Hello and thank you for having me on this website. I'm a wedding photographer and hobbiest. I recently got into portrait and studio work and was wondering if anyone could offer some critique on my work. I will provide some images. Thank you I'm advance, bare in mind I'm new and any tips or...
  3. hyakuhei

    Splash of sun

    Splash of sun by Robert Clark, on Flickr I like a lot of things about this image but I feel like the motion in the splash detracts a little, I wonder if I should have gone for higher ISO and a faster shutter to freeze the motion more, at the cost of some image quality...
  4. RichardHarding

    A gate to advice and critique

    Beginner photographer, looking for some advice/critique with the above image, i feel as though the DoF or something else isn't quite right with this image but can't pick out what this is having an untrained eye. I feel there could have been more in focus.
  5. TGphoto

    Critique Llyn Padarn - How would you improve these images?

    Hi, Whilst I am fairly happy with these images, I would like to know how you guys would improve them? More interested in improving PP rather than composition, as these are the images I have. Cheers, Tom DSC_2794-Edit-Edit by Thomas Green, on Flickr']DSC_2794-Edit-Edit by Thomas Green, on...
  6. Rika Guite

    Reviews on my website!

    Hello everyone, I'm a professional graphic designer and product photographer from New Delhi. I also love shooting people, landscapes and animals. Here's my website: I'd love to know your reviews on the website. Also, the landscape and travel shots will be live on the...
  7. Tom Whitmore

    Crtique My Website

    Hi guys, Little background before you go into it. I'm an aspiring automotive & motorsport freelance photographer, I've created a website but would really like some people to give their opinions on it. I only have Wix free hosting at the moment as I don't want to waste the money to host some...
  8. GaryLaird

    Our Wee Dog

    Have been trying to get some good shots of our wee dog. She lost her good buddy of 12 years in the summer and we realised we did not have any really good shots of him......this has prompted me to try and get more serious in taking doggy pictures. All feedback gratefully received... 1...
  9. jmcdyre

    Critique Some Iceland pics...

    Hi all, recently went on a trip to Iceland, been wanting to go since I was about 8, and between torrential downpours took these which I'd love your opinion on - criticism good as I really want to improve :) Thorsmork 1 by J McDyre, on Flickr Landmannalaugar 5 by J McDyre, on Flickr...
  10. Shady Ron

    Beginner Feedback - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

    Good afternoon, I've finally uploaded some of my photos that I've been taking since April and would love to get some feedback and advice please. Thanks in advance
  11. Danny-K

    snowdon horseshoe

    I spent this weekend shooting snowdon but with the harsh light there was few pictures to be had. i had an idea that i got from browsing a few hikes so a wild camp and a short trek to a summit at 3:30AM sunday morning. 1._G6A2926 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr 2.shoe by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr...
  12. hyakuhei

    Help me to critique these sunset pics

    I have a problem when looking at my own work; are any of these clearly better than the others? These are from a quick walkabout during sunset yesterday. 1 DSC03261.jpg by Robert Clark, on Flickr 2 DSC03253.jpg by Robert Clark, on Flickr 3 DSC03238.jpg by Robert Clark, on Flickr 4...
  13. E

    Critique Street Photos

    Hi, these are some recent street photos. Looking for any critique at all :) 8-small by EJAMES posted Feb 17, 2017 at 5:09 PM 6-small by EJAMES posted Feb 17, 2017 at 5:09 PM 4 by EJAMES posted Feb 17, 2017 at 5:09 PM Thank you
  14. bodbod

    Tram in Melbourne

    IMG_0383 by Gordon Williams, on Flickr
  15. R

    Critique Kayleigh .. A Portrait of a dancer.

    Good Evening Guys, Since I have given some critique on images on here it's only fair that I post some of my own work for critique. I have photographed Kayleigh a few times but wanted to get a still dancer portrait of her during our last session. Any and all feedback welcome. Kayleigh... by...
  16. LightPhonics

    Critique Rip my Street Photography

    Hey, So a friend of mine (also a Photographer) started ripping into my street photography, suggesting I shouldn't bother with it. Now I don't mind this, as we do this to each other frequently as a means of helping each other improve. However, it made me interested to see if others shared the...
  17. elvenom

    Need Critique from a Professional

    Hi, My name is Eden and I'm a singer; not a photographer. I'm posting here because I'd like some opinions the attached photos that were taken of me last weekend. I know alot can be done in post, but 90% are very dark and I believe I was poorly lit. I didn't see him use a reflector for the...