1. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    First stop, The Lakes ... Our first month-long trip in the van sees us first hitting the Lakes under blue skies. Didn't get the big boy camera out at all, just explored lots with the iPhone. Next stop Scotland, where I hear it's a touch colder. Follow our adventures here.
  2. monkeyleader

    A few with the iPhone

    Down at Ballintoy, in Northern Ireland .
  3. schpleep

    App v's the real deal

    I had a few days in The Peaks towards the end of last year and, as I'd just installed Filmborn on my phone, I decided to do some a side-by-side testing with some actual film, in my Brownie. So, here is a Ladybower shot from the Brownie loaded with Ilford Pan F: (*Processed in Tetenal Paranol...
  4. monkeyleader

    A Walk Along The Beach

    More from my 'Play with the iPhone' series ...
  5. Spy

    Google Pixel Smartphone

    It looks like Google are squaring off against Apple and Amazon with a raft of new product announcements today. Of most interest is their new Pixel smartphone that boasts to have the best camera of any phone...ever ! Other interesting products include Google Home, Google WiFi and an upgraded...
  6. Bristolian

    Calling iPhone Users - Help Required

    Okay, so my wife recently treated me to an iPhone 5S running iOS9.3.2 ... thank you dear :) Everything is fine and I am getting used to the differences between this and my previous Android phones, which I really liked. Everything except that it won't synchronise my Outlook 2007 calendar...
  7. Deckard

    Filey Symmetry

    Out and about on Filey beach last weekend, just had my iPhone to hand to capture this reflective shot. iPhone HDR image, cropped and tweaked on the phone itself then posted to Flickr. Filey Symmetry by Ben Goddard, on Flickr Just wish I'd had my D800 with me to capture some more dynamic...