1. Geoff Moore

    Woodland Macro Photography - Mushrooms & Toadstools

    The autumn months are drawing in along with the dark nights and short days so what better opportunity then to visit my local woodland for a spot of macro photography to photograph the mushrooms and toadstools that are popping out from the woodland floor. So why not join me on this little...
  2. J

    Japan - recent travel vlog

    Evening all Been crazy busy at the end of 2018. Trying to find time just to slow down and get some time isn't easy at all! In any case, here's a glimpse of Japan from a couple of weeks ago. Awesome autumn colours in parts of Kyoto.
  3. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography Vlog - Withernsea Sunrise

    Hello On Sunday morning I went out to Withernsea on the East Coast of Yorkshire to take some early morning photography. Made a vlog for my channel, feel free to have a look, like, share and subscribe.
  4. martinfuge

    Skelton Tower North York Moors Vlog

    Hi all, Video from my visit a few weeks back of Skelton Tower at Levisham. Feel free to like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy photography videos or event videos.
  5. martinfuge

    Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Photography Vlog

    Hi all The other night I went out as had a break in the weather to make a photography vlog. This is the vlog, feel free to have a look at my channel and if you like feel free to share and subscribe. As well as landscape vlogs I love making other photography videos and videos from events.
  6. J

    My travel photography vlog

    After much though and deliberation. Much thought about is this actually going to be worth it etc I've decided to see a psychiatrist who pushed me out the door and told me to get on with it. This is my first attempts at doing this kind of thing. Just doing this intro segment took 5 goes...
  7. martinfuge

    Skidby Windmill Afternoon Photo Vlog

    Went to Skidby Windmill the other afternoon as the sun was getting low in the sky to take some photos of Skidby Windmill. video below, feel free to like and subscribe.. Thank you.
  8. martinfuge

    Far Ings Nature Reserve

    Hi all, below is a vlog I made while out the other week for some evening landscape photography at Far Ings Nature Reserve. When I go out with my camera I like to make these little videos of my trips and upload them to my You Tube channel. If you enjoyed feel free to like and subscribe, thank you.
  9. martinfuge

    Skidby Windmill Sunrise Vlog

    Hi all, went to Skidby Windmill the other morning for some photos, and made a vlog of my morning.
  10. martinfuge

    Eden Camp EYTCC Meet.

    Hi all, Went to the EYTCC Eden Camp meet the other week, and took some photos while filming some POV.