1. bartoszwozniak

    Recently started a Photo/Video related YouTube Channel - Would love feedback!

    Good Evening everyone! I have recently started a photo/video related YouTube channel with my other half and would love to get some feedback on how we're doing. We're only 6 videos in or so and would love to see what people actually think of our content. Our most recent video is a Behind the...
  2. Baron Twangle

    Photography Online show

    Anyone seen that new YouTube show - Photography Online? Just thought I would let you guys know about it if you haven't already seen it.
  3. martinfuge

    Flamborough Head Sunset

    Hello all, This is my vlog from a few weeks back when I had a nice surprise when at Flamborough Head in East Yorkshire. I know You Tube is full of us photographer vloggers but I thought I would share mine, and if you enjoyed feel free to check out my channel and subscribe...:)
  4. M

    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS TO THIS LIST, THANKS Well, we all know Thomas Heaton will be on here, so here he is but I would also suggest these folks as well worth a look, I include...
  5. M

    Cartledge landscapes, YouTube - anyone watch?

    Nev Cartledge - Wondered if anyone else is watching this chap? Lots of quirky humour, more misfortune than Thomas Heaton and the landscape images are (in my opinion) really lovely. Not sure I could cope with 11 years in a camper though - the water frozen in the saucepan in less than an hour is...
  6. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography Vlog - Sun, Sea and a Lighthouse

    Hi all, on Sunday morning I went to Flamborough to take some photos. Below is a vlog on my YouTube channel. Feel free to like, comment, share and subscribe if you enjoyed seeing more of my future vlogs. Thank you
  7. martinfuge

    Landscape Photograpy - The Black Tower on Beverley Westwood

    Hello The other morning I went out to take some photos of the black tower on Beverley Westwood. This is my vlog on my You Tube channel of my morning out. Thanks
  8. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography - A Grey Day On The Coast (Hornsea)

    Hi all, Yesturday I went out to Hornsea Coast in East Yorkshire to take some photos and make a vlog for my YouTube channel. Video below, feel free to like, comment, share and subscribe. Thank you
  9. martinfuge

    A Sunset & A Postmill - Landscape Photography Vlog.

    Hi all, Monday afternoon I went out as there was a break in the weather to take a photo of Wrawby Postmill at sunset in North Lincolnshire. Made a vlog which is on my YouTube channel. Feel free to have a look, like, comment and subscribe for future videos. Thank you.
  10. M

    Scotland Hello from Scotland

    Hello Everyone, First post here on this forum. I am currently trying to focus on landscape photography. Pretty basic gear but am trying to drive myself to get out as much as possible: Canon 70D Canon 700D Canon EF 24-105 Canon EFS 10-22 Canon EF 50mm F1.8 MeFoto Tripod Various other...
  11. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography -Kilnsea Coast New Years Day

    Hi all, As I didn't drink on New Years Eve I decided to go out to Kilnsea Coast in East Yorkshire to see if I could capture a sunrise and a few other shots. At first it didn't look hopeful, but then it all changed. This is a video on my YouTube channel of my trip out. Feel free to like...
  12. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography - Skelton Tower North York Moors.

    Hello, I have decided to carry on making landscape vlogs but this time I have taken them from my main channel and created a channel just for landscape photography videos. The other week I decided to stop making these and I deleted all of them from my channel for reasons I won't go into, but as...
  13. martinfuge

    You Tube Channel

    Hello all, I thought I would post this in here for all who enjoy watching You Tube. I am a very small YouTuber who hasYouTubeube channel which covers a few topics. Mainly videos from events with some photos and then landscape photography vlogs and other photography vlogs. Feel free to have a...
  14. martinfuge

    Skidby Windmill Afternoon Photo Vlog

    Went to Skidby Windmill the other afternoon as the sun was getting low in the sky to take some photos of Skidby Windmill. video below, feel free to like and subscribe.. Thank you.