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I have been given the green light by the mods to create a thread that is to cover all things to do with Apple phones.
If proved to be popular hopefully it will become a sticky and prevent fragmenting of threads which center around the same topic.
A like minded one has been created for Android users so as to disuade cross platform bickering :D
Wouldn't these be better going into their own sub-forums?

Admin/mods are trying not to extend the amount of sub forums that exist hence my idea of two threads - one for Android and one for Apple that hopefully become "pinned" so always at the top.
I've noticed that I'm getting random notification tones when there are no notifications.
I am intermittently not getting the call decline option on my 7 Plus. Seems it's happening to others too.
I have an iPad Air and running iOS 10 and when using Safari it keeps crashing to home screen without warning but does not do this all the time.
Any ideas what could be causing this?
Since update on my mac it's a pain when selecting a file. Suppose I want to add a pic in FB, click on add pic and the wheel spins for a bit and every time I select one it takes 15 secs before I can do the next. Same as going into a folder to select all to drag into photos. Took 5 secs before but not now.
I have an iPad Air and running iOS 10 and when using Safari it keeps crashing to home screen without warning but does not do this all the time.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

Have you tried doing a full restore of iOS 10 using a PC and iTunes? I haven't had any Safari issues of that sort on an Air 2 that's been running iOS 10 since the original 10 beta 1.
I am intermittently not getting the call decline option on my 7 Plus. Seems it's happening to others too.

Well I never. You get different ways of dealing with an incoming call depending if your phone is locked or in use (home screen unlocked). That's not a new feature, I'd just never noticed before.
If safari crashes it's worth deleting the cache and such like before going for a full restore.
Has anybody else's battery on their 6s been noticeably worse since the 10.x upgrade?

I had the 10.x Beta which seemed fine, no battery issues.
Then I got the 10x RC and now 10.0.2 and the battery seems worse than 9.x.

Noticeably worse.
No, if anything I think it's lasting slightly longer ... probably not, but seems like it is. Certainly not worse.
What does your firmware number show as now? I haven't had any notification of a new update since 10.0.2 on Friday.

Same as mine but I never got it til Sunday.

Read something somewhere that said new IOS Upgrade appear to be using more battery is because various Apps, Services, etc are having to update and reconfigure
My other half has a Galaxy S5 and in true Samsung style, it's slowing to a crawl and she keeps moaning about it. Factory reset a few months ago so it's not practical to keep doing this.

I'm really tempted to get her the 7 on the upgrade programme. She is still 10 months from her contract end so could bosh her sim in the new phone (new sim needed) and away she goes.

Seems a lot per month for just the phone but it's zero interest and you get a new phone each 12 months. Technically even with the plans you pay for the phone so is it much different. May try and do some math to see the cost difference.

Plus she likes the Apple Watch, I would look at the latest Galaxy but the watch they do is huge and she has small wrists to it would look silly and be really heave.
I've absolutely loved my 7+ so far, the screen is excellent and that's coming from a 6s+
Indeed, I swapped from a S7 Edge which has a fantastic screen - wouldn't say anything bad about that. So despite a huge resolution disadvantage on paper for the iPhone 7 Plus I honestly can't tell much of a difference in sharpness/resolution. Colours looks a little more natural to me on the iPhone, although Samsung wasn't as bad in the current iteration compared to the earlier Galaxies in oversaturating everything. I wouldn't say that to my eyes either is better, I think it comes down to personal preferences.
I treated myself to an Apple Watch Series 2 for my birthday - I must admit I rather like it. Much more comfortable to wear compared to my Pebble or my Microsoft Band. And it fits underneath my shirts when wearing double cuffs - Yeah! Big usecase for me as it doesn't ruin the lines of my suit and can have my shirt sleeves at normal length.

Had it fully charged last night - wore it in bed for sleep tracking, alarm, paid for some breakfast with it at Pret a Manger, checked in with BA app at the airport for my boarding pass, messaged through out the day, got two Uber taxis. Guided my walk from hotel to restaurent, tracked my steps, warned me to stand up, did my deep breating exercises, and tonight it still had 74% battery life left.

Well impressed, finally a smart watch that I will actually use.
So the new one lasts more than a full 24 hours?
Easily! And I used GPS as well. By extrapolation I'd say it could easily be three days.
Weird. The online info claims the same 18 hours as the mk1. A couple of days is actually useful (y)
I'll see whether it lasts or whether it is a fluke
I hope it does do a couple of days. That's far better and more like the performance people want.
You've come out with that drivel before and my one always has 30-40% battery left after 18%.

How is quoting manufacturer figures on apples own site drivel? They say 18 hours battery life! I'm quoting how long apple say it lasts.
I charged my series 2 up last night, whilst in the shower. But it was at 90%. Same time tonight, I'm at 63% battery life. Very very impressed by it. I'm not charging it now until empty as I'd like to see how long it lasts.

Hailed an Uber twice today with it. Airport checkin works very well with apple wallet, except they were using weird hand scanner at the gate and my wrist didn't fit in those :(.

The 7 Plus was performing beautifully as well. Charged last night, used it to tether my data during a meeting 9-16 and when I got back tonight still has 63% left.

It's nice to be back with Apple.
That's pretty decent by the sounds of it.

The plus phones are lots better for battery life. I have the 6 plus and it can last 5 days easily. Bluetooth doesn't seem to reduce the battery either so I can leave it on.
I always leave everything on. It is what I always liked about the iPhones that you don't have to manage the settings to get some battery life. That way everything just simply connects.
Last charged it on Monday evening, to 90% and it just went into powersave mode; i.e. clock still shows but doesn't do active notifications anymore. I have to say that since yesterdays report it dropped from 63% to 22% during the night :eek: I did install an app called Pillow for sleep tracking, I will uninstall that as the battery drain was awful.