Canon EOS M Series Cameras

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The 1.4x would have been (IMO) a better way of getting nearer the 600mm mark, with no loss of aperture values.
Problem was that at 560mm the 100-400mm II with the 1.4x MKIII wasn't as sharp as the Sigma 150-600mm Sport at 600mm.

At 400mm the Canon is sharper, it is also a lot less front heavy so easily manageable on the M5


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I use an M50 with a Meike adapter for my canon macro lens.
I've been using this combo for just under a year, without problems.

The last couple of days, when I hit the shutter button everything shuts down.
The camera works fine with the M50 kit lens and the macro lens works fine with the 7DII.
So it seems the adapter is at fault.

The only thing I'm found on the net is that the contacts are subject to wearing quite easily on the adapter if you
keep swapping lens's.
I don't do that, but I do swap out an extension tube quite regularly, so I guess this maybe the problem.
Anyone else come across this?

Unfortunately the company I bought it from no longer trades, so there goes the warranty :(
I found another on Amazon for just over 20 quid (Meike again) that's quite a bit cheaper than the first,
so I'm happy to try a new one in the hope that it is just that.

At just over 100 quid, I thought the Canon one was a tad expensive, but maybe I should have gone for the dedicated one in the first place..
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I had a proper adapter when I bought my original M and kept it when I sold the camera to buy the M5 which also came with one. I also bought a couple of Viltrox adapters off Ebay. I keep the 2 OEM ones on my 150-600mm Sport and 70-300mm L lenses and the 2 cheap ones on my 100mm L and MP-E65mm macro lenses.

As these are the only EF lenses I sometimes use on the M5 they just stay on all the time.