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    My three year old IP7250 I bought after my old Canon printer failed has bit the dust after three and something years sterling service

    Power supply unit again, same as last time https://www.talkphotography.co.uk/threads/a4-printer-recommendatiosn-please.551804/#post-6378888
    Fact they are a detachable and replaced by the consumer part leads me to believe they are less than reliable.

    Can't complain about the printer though at fifty five quid which unusually came with a decent supply of ink and the usb lead too
    So decent that I bought the same model again, still being made so must be half decent and a fiver cheaper this time.
    Even if you could easily get a new power unit hardly worth bothering at that price, well I certainly wouldn't

    The last one only ever got used with non genuine inks from these https://www.prink.co.uk/ never got blocked and colours were/are still good.

    If anyone needs any spares my old machine is in the new box with all it came with, even some ink left in it too, power unit is defunct though.

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