Manfrotto Befree Advanced tripod

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What’s your opinion on this tripod as it’s on my radar?
Sorry, just seeing this now.

I haven't used it in anger yet, but first impressions are of a quality piece of kit. I got the twist lock legs this time after being used to the clip locks on my trusty xprob tripod. They are a new design to the advanced model and work really well. They only need a small twist to loosen and tighten them, and all can be done at once. They are very secure. I pressed down really hard on the tripod and they didn't slip at all.

For a travel tripod, the height is about average. I Dont plan to use it with the centre column extended as this is probably the worst configuration for stability on any tripod. Its a little on the short side for me, but I'm 6ft5in, but that is less if an issue with the tilting screen on my A7III.

The last set of leg extensions look a little thin but in truth are quite sturdy. I like the new angle locking mechanism a lot and its quick to use with 3 different angles.

The new ball head is excellent and includes a separate knob for panning as well as a brake/friction control to tighten the ball head to suit. Its rated at 8kg, which is more than enough for my Sony mirror less system.

The centre column lacks a hook on the bottom for hanging a weight on, but there is a little hook on the collar spider that can be used to hang a bag or something if necessary.

I really like that it folds down so small (just 40cm) and comes with a travel bag with shoulder strap.

In conclusion, I am really happy, considering the £99 I paid for it from Amazon. I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces on a Venice trip shortly.