Wedding photographer caused mayhem…

Went to a Greek wedding 25 or so years ago and the priests took it in turns to go outside for a cigarette and one of them took a mobile phone call half way through the proceedings.
How long was the ceremony?
They are l...o...n...g...
As Lewis said, l...o...n...g!!! Started at 10:00 and went straight to the evening do afterwards! To be fair, that did include the baptism of the couple's first child (who was conceived on their way to the church [not really!]) but that only took an hour or so.
Same occasion!
How do you navigate taking photos at different types of events, especially when it involves coordinating with officials or event organizers?
For a real experience watch out for CofE Church Wardens. They have real power if they want to use it. It extends to the church and grounds. The celebrant only has authority over the service.