* Rules (Classifieds)


A bit of small print

Slack Media Limited, it's directors, Talk Photography, it's administrators, moderators or site team can not and will not accept liability for any loss incurred by the use of the classifieds forum(s). Deals within the forums are an agreement between, and the ultimate responsibility of, the buyer and the seller only.


  • You can only use the classifieds if you are an established member.*
  • No trading anywhere except for the classifieds.
  • No posting on behalf of other TP members.
  • You can post for someone who is not on the forum, but you must have possession of the goods, and you will assume responsibility for the deal. Payment must be made to you, and delivery by you. No exceptions.
  • All discussion about the item(s) must be done on the thread. No discussions elsewhere until a deal is agreed.*
  • No dibs, queue, me firsts or priority for anyone.
  • Both buyer and seller must exchange AND provide full contact details. (Full name, address and telephone number).
  • Anyone refusing to provide these to a prospective buyer or seller is prohibited from using our Classifieds forums.
    If you didn't get this information and then come to us for help, we will not be very sympathetic.

  • No pointless posts. Moderators will decide whether a post is pointless or not.
  • What can you trade on TP? Mostly anything, but we prefer photography equipment. Definite no-no's include : OEM or Student Software, Non-Apple equipment with OSX installed, knives, guns, animals, people, countries or Hugh Jackman. This list isn't exhaustive though.
  • All deals must include the thread starter.
  • Please use the feedback system and use it honestly. Feedback isn't compulsory, but recommended.
  • Retaliatory negative feedback will be removed, and the offender's score manually reduced even further.


  • No "Maybe for sale" threads. The items are either for sale or they are not, and they must be available now.
  • Offering an item for sale? A fixed asking price must be given.
  • Linking to your eBay auction is fine, but only for additional information. Posting on TP? It has to be for sale on TP.
  • No deliberate profiteering (Increase in market value is OK). If you got a bargain here, pass the bargain back! It's the right thing to do.*
  • Please do not remove original asking price or details. Add sold to the thread / post instead. (For future reference).
  • Once you've sold something then update the thread and title.

Buying or Swapping

  • Assume the item is for sale elsewhere too.
  • If you want to buy something, buy it! Don't mess around being a cheapskate, someone will beat you to it, and it will be your fault.
  • No editing of posts to change an offer.
  • No price pointing unless it's accompanied by an explicit offer and a link to the other vendor containing proof. Price pointing to overseas retailers isn't allowed.
  • Want to buy something from someone else's Wanted thread? Start your own. It's rude to piggy back off other's.

Problem trades

  • We reserve the right to publish at any time, the names of people who are banned from the classifieds forum and also a list of usernames of accounts who have been banned from the classifieds forum.

Freebie Forum

If you are using the Freebie Forum to give something away then the following conditions must be met :

  • Absolutely no money to be requested, offered, or implied, except direct postage costs.
  • If you require postage costs covering, then you must say so in the first post.
  • These costs will be paid by the sender, using a method agreed by both parties. When the package is received, the recipient can refund the sender using the costs printed on the package.

* Advertisers threads are currently exempt from these rules.