Membership Types

Membership Types {xen:phrase help} Membership Types

Membership Types

There are only two or three membership types on this site. As you join in more, your membership will be 'upgraded' automatically.
Here is a quick rundown of each type and what you can and can't do

Guest / Unregistered

This is the default for anyone who hasn't registered. You can view most forums and read most of our site. You cannot reply to any discussions though. That requires you to register (Don't worry, it's free!).
You can sign up by clicking here. It takes only a minute.


Once you've created your free account, you can reply and join in discussions!. You can also now make use of our free gallery. You can fill in your profile and let others know more about you. You cannot start Private Conversations with other members, and you won't be able to access some restricted forums (like Classifieds, or Job Requests).

Extra Privileges

Once you've made one post (That's, all, just one!) then you can start Private Conversations with other members, and also vote on polls (For example our hugely popular Photographer of the Year competition).

Established Member

This shows that you've settled in properly as a member on Talk Photography. You will be awarded this when you make just 25 posts and have been a member for 30 days. Once you reach this level you can access all our restricted forums (Classifieds etc).