* Rules (Detailed)

A more detailed explanation of our rules


  • You're only allowed to register once so be careful with it. You won't be allowed another.
  • We may change your username on request, but only for a very very very good reason. The fact that 'iluvmiley' isn't appropriate now you've grown up, isn't enough.
  • Usernames cannot contain email addresses, URL's or business names whose target customers are photographers.
  • The email in your profile must always be active. If a forum email gets bounced back to us, we may limit your account until you sort it. Bounced emails are a nightmare and we might need to contact you!
  • Want to delete your account? Please use the Contact Us facility.
  • If you prefer to just disable your account, remove all your private details by editing your profile and clicking "Save". Remember to remove your email address last as this disables your account.

General Conduct

  • Don't swear, even if the word isn't caught by the swear filter (It doesn't catch everything!).
  • Dont threaten anyone, be racist, or post anything libellous or anything that's likely to offend your everyday person.
  • Don't tell people to use the search. Be helpful instead.
  • If you can't be civil, polite, courteous or respectful then don't post at all.
  • It's not nice to see a discussion taken off on a tangent by one or two people having an almost private style conversation, so please leave that stuff to the chat room.
  • Don't criticise if someone 'reposts' something that you've already seen. It ain't nice!

  • Above all, just be nice to each other.

Prohibited Content

The following content is prohibited on Talk Photography

  • Discussions pertaining to a particular instance of a crime.
  • Discussion or encouragement of copying, distrubuting or downloading copyrighted material.
  • Press releases, market research, surveys (Unless pre-approved with Admin)
  • Affiliate, commission, or referral links.
  • "Vote for me" requests.
  • Anything else that could be deemed as socially unacceptable, or not within the spirit of our community.

Sharing images

  • Our inbuilt gallery system will stop you uploading a file that's too big.
    If you're hosting it on your own webspace (Flickr, 500px, etc), then it can be any size you want. Just not too big please. Some people are on really rubbish internet connections.

Editing other people's images

If they've got their "Allow Image Editing" in their profile set to yes, then yay! However bear in mind that if you're editing someone else's photo, then you hold absolutely no claim to any of the work produced, both morally and legally.

Commercial activity for non-advertisers

  • Any commercial activity or representation is prohibited on Talk Photography unless you are a current paying advertiser.
  • Usernames, avatars, signatures and profiles must not reference or support a commercial entity with which you are affiliated.
  • This also includes all posts and site content you submit
  • The only exception to this would be a 'Right to Reply' to a current discussion. You must contact us first for approval.

Moderating decisions are not up for public discussion or debate.
Contact the Moderation Team privately using the Contact Us link below.