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    Oulton Park Gold Cup 2019

    Here's a few photos from the weekend. To be frank, the high temperatures put me off standing around in the open quite as much as I would normally do.
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    Stairs - an open thread

    At Gawsworth Hall, Cheshire:
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    Steam train advance information

    I wondered if there might be something like that going on, I was trying to phrase the initial post in a way that wasn't just a demanding "why is this excellent free service not as good as it was". Of course, many other things can take priority over keeping such things up to date.
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    Steam train advance information

    Yes, that's been my problem for quite a few of the local trains this year, no updates for times. I seem to recall earlier on in the year, the times did appear, but not until a couple of days after the train had run, and they weren't Scotsman-hauled so none of the embargo-related stuff.
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    Steam train advance information

    Excellent, thanks for that @michael23. Looks very good.
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    Steam train advance information

    What are people using to find advance information about when the various steam-hauled specials are around? I've been using for several years, but the site is showing a last update of March, so it seems that the person looking after it has stopped for whatever reason, hopefully...
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    L.M.S Princess Elizabeth

    I wish I'd known that was going, I'd have gone somewhere to have a look. I don't get enough opportunities to shoot without overhead wiring. I've got out of the habit of checking, the last few specials in my area didn't have any timing information until after the event.
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    CSCC Oulton Park, May 2019

    A decent enough day at Oulton if a little dull, at least the showers stayed away. I mainly went to see the Transpeed Firenza racing for the first time in 12 years after a refurb, so I was really concentrating on that race. web_IMGP2916 by Mike Edwards, on Flickr web_IMGP2972 by Mike Edwards...
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    Unexpected trails

    Yes, I agree, they do add to the images, particularly the second one.
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    Vintage Sports Car Club Oulton Park

    Some great images. I was there too.
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    Rainy Afternoon in Crewe

    I wish I'd realised that steamer was around, I've not been doing very well for catching steam this year as my usual source of timings hasn't been showing any detail until after the day.
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    Oulton Park British GTs, 2019

    It wasn't so much the reflections of the fence as some of the bright colours and fluorescent bits on some of the cars. I had a lot of trouble with the bands across the top of the windscreen on some cars, and I've seen echoes of it to a lesser extent in some other images from the same day. I...
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    British GT Championship Oulton Park 2019

    Some great shots there, always good to see other viewpoints from this side of the fencing.
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    More British GT from Oulton Park

    GTs are at Donington later in the year, too.
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    Oulton Park British GTs, 2019

    Thanks for the critique. I wondered about cropping, but I didn't want to lose too much of the space around them. I saw a few extra bits of fencing around, though I don't think any of it was where I was standing. I did move a little further down the bank at Lodge, but the wire netting effect is...