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    Admin please delete
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    best place to get presets for APS and lightroom?
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    Went on Holiday and ended up doing a 'Wedding' !

    honest opinion, im glad the happy couple had an official photographer or they wouldn't of been very happy im afraid im not qualified to comment on quality but I certainly would of asked for a refund
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    Single Speedlight Portraits

    no8 is awesome that eye makes the whole photo
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    Street Portrait (Celeb accidentally papped!)

    stunning photo especially for off the cuff im not sure you could of done better in a modeling session
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    Beginner Manual focus

    Thanks guys will try it out
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    Beginner Manual focus

    It’s a Nikon d3400 so very basic but it does me I just find the view finder rubbish esp when I’m comparing a landscape or focusing on something any distance away
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    Beginner Manual focus

    to be blunt I am really bad at using manual focus my eyes just aren’t up to it BUT as with all settings there’s a time and a place it’s needed is there any aid to help with manual focus I.e a magnifying glass for the view finder would be good lol
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    just for fun

    lets see some festive pets? here are my first attempts I now know where or why the saying never work with animals or children started! Festive border terriers! Aka my babies by gary etherington, on Flickr Festive border terriers! Aka my babies by gary etherington, on Flickr Festive border...
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    Wales mount snowdon

    Thanks guys...... and I never was any good at English
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    Wales mount snowdon

    What is the best time of year to think about going to take a few snaps?
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    An autumn selection. (pic heavy)

    Awesome very pleasing to look at
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    Wintery scenes in Glencoe

    Personally I think your mono is the best one! Just goes to show there is no right or wrong just a difference of opinion ... all of them are cool the first one would be my favourite but for me there is something not quite right (don’t ask me what it is)
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    Liquify ps cc2019

    Can someone help? I can’t get my image to display in liquify, the liquify tab comes up but in the window it just shows the PS tab beneath it and almost screenshots it (It’s basically a clear window which shows ps instead of my image)
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    Wolfcleugh Farm and Groverake Mine

    No2 for me I really like this style of photography