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    Rally of the Tests 2013

    very nice set, I like all of them but the watersplash pans are my favorites, really beautiful
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    Tempest Rally 2013

    First ever attempt at Rallying so would be great to hear what people think. Had problems with the light at times but still, a very enjoyable day. 1. Tempest Rally 2013 X001 by JS photographic, on Flickr 2. Tempest Rally 2013 SLide (1 of 1) by JS photographic, on Flickr 3. Tempest...
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    DTM Zandvoort

    oops , meant 4 actually.
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    DTM Zandvoort

    5 is superb !
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    More GT at Brands Hatch

    Not winning any prices for originality here but still, had a very enjoyable day at Brands and got a few shots I was pretty happy with. Comments much appreciated. 01:00 British GT 2013 Brands Hatch X005 by JS photographic, on Flickr 2 British GT 2013 Brands Hatch X032 by JS...
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    Another GT thread

    no7 for me. havent seen that one before, will try it myself next time! looks difficult though....
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    Big Boys Toys at Brands Hatch

    3 , 4 and 9 are incredible.
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    A Late Spa 24

    2 and 8 for me. going wide really helps in capturing the atmosphere of the event. very nice set overall
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    Harry Flatters Rally Epynt 3 more added

    no 2 is a very nice pan , no 3 is also a great action shot
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    Spa 24 hours

    11, 14 and 17 for me. really sums up the event very nicely. amazing pictures as always.
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    Late Nurburgring 24

    Many thanks for the comments, I agree that no6 could do with some tighter cropping...
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    Historic Sports Car Club

    I really like the composition of number 2, that is the stand out for me. 3 works too, maybe with a slightly closer crop?
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    Scottish Rally 2013

    4 and 5 stand out for me. lots of atmosphere in 4 and a great composition in n5. have to get out to a Rally soon!
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    Late Nurburgring 24

    Late Nurburgring 24 hours entry.. The panning shots through the trees might be a bit marmite to some..... 1. Nurburgring 24 2013 080 by JS photographic, on Flickr 2. Nurburgring 24 2013 074 by JS photographic, on Flickr 3. Nur 24 Classic 017 by JS photographic, on...
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    Donington Historic Festival - Paddock & Track Shots

    Number 7 for me, great combo of glowing brakes, flames and a nice overall pan!