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    What's Your History With Nikon Digital Cameras ?

    Ha ha! You may mock but, ultimately, it does take great pics of my grandsons and that's all I am interested in... and it's different! :)
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    What's Your History With Nikon Digital Cameras ?

    Started with a D40 in 2008; also have had a D80 and a D200. Current lineup, all purchased second hand with very low mileage: D50 x2 D300 D300S D700 The latest acquisition being one of the D50s, in silver, which I could not refuse for the princely sum of £33(!) - including kit lens - with...
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    Dragons - Southern Hawkers

    What amazing shots! I find it difficult to capture images of dragon flies when they are settled, let alone in flight... Fantastic!
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    Sunflowers sunset at Hitchin

    Agree that it is a fabulous shot, but also think that it would benefit from a tad more contrast. Just my modest view...
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    Help with Tripod

    +1 for Redsnapper. I own one and it is very sturdy and great value for money, albeit at the top end of your budget.
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    Beginner Nikon d3300 First ever pictures (advise please)

    As a beginner of many years, I have nothing constructive to add except that I agree with all the comments above. You seem to have a great eye for composition. I can pay no better compliment than to say that I am enjoying looking at your photos.
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    Super moon over South Shields Pier Lighthouse

    Fantastic image. Down here in the south-east we could not even see the moon, as it was so cloudy!
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    Vtech kids action camera V cheap chinese action camera.

    As has already been said, if it is more for fun than photography, then the vtech is ideal. Otherwise, why not consider a good, used compact camera? I recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 on behalf of some friends, from a well known auction site, in excellent condition for about £38 and...
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    Pentax 1st D-L2

    Hi everyone. A friend of mine has given me his old Pentax, as he has not used it for three years, and I am keen to play with it. The problem is that, no matter which batteries I use, the screen on the top of the camera flashes the 'battery empty' sign. I have read on the internet that this...
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    A few favourites from my shoot with Ella

    +1 for number 1. It is far more interesting and there is an 'enigmatic' look about her, and great colour. Love number 4 also!
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    Biker Parents

    That is a great set of photos and the pp is perfect in my humble opinion. I love them!
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    Another vote for Redsnapper! Very good quality and great value. Simon
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    Lencarta Monolight

    I am really grateful for your advice so far and for your offer of further help. Thank you! Simon
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    Lencarta Monolight

    I really appreciate your reply, Mr Edwards. Thank you! I was beginning to think that I had been 'duped', for one of a better word! I bought the above unit, together with a stand, a 69cm x 50cm double-diffused softbox, radio trigger and mains lead, all in a carry-bag for £125. Do you think...
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    Lencarta Monolight

    Thank you Hugh! Garry Edwards was my first thought but I did not think that I could pm him to look at this thread. Thanks again. Simon