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    Lightroom 5.7.1 issues uploading/exporting problems?

    Many thanks for the replies but think I'm sorted, feel a bit of a twonk but I was selecting copy to dng instead of add from my import page....though don't recall it being an issue before!! Might even borrow my partners camera and go and take some snaps!! Matt
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    Lightroom 5.7.1 issues uploading/exporting problems?

    Thanks, I'm using Windows on my ageing but ever reliable acer laptop. Tried reinstalling Lightroom but makes no difference, I also have Picassa and photoscape installed and these work fine with no problems but these are somewhat limited compared to Lightroom. I've also tried installing a trial...
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    Lightroom 5.7.1 issues uploading/exporting problems?

    Dear all I've been having problems uploading and exporting files from my hard drive/external memory stick and direct from camera to lightroom 5, I originally thought my sd card slot on my laptop was faulty but now I'm thinking the problem is software based? basically all I can do is view images...
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    Urban Decay - Bourton Mill

    Looks like a good spot to have a walk about, maybe try picking out some detail rather than using a wide angle lens and getting as much as possible into the frame. Also, its a shame there doesn't look to be much in the way of small items of interest to pick out such as old tools etc such things...
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    Blue Jetty

    Very nice image, would look great in mono but eitherway well worthy of framing!! Matt
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    These are very tastefully done, the colour and texture of the background compliments the pots very nicely. Matt
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    Abandoned Hotel

    Very cool images, love places like this!! Matt
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    Best plastic fantastic for D7100?

    Hi All Having taken the decision to step down to the cropped DX format for a while I'm trying to decide which small prime to partner to a Nikon D7100, my choice is either the Nikon 35mm f1.8g or 50mm f1.8g? As much as I Like the look of a 50mm lens on full frame (which the 35mm would roughly...
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    Love this type of stuff, very atmospheric! Matt
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    Answered Problem with server when replying to threads.

    I find replying in 'more options' works best, at least I get confirmation my post has been posted!!! Matt
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    Critique St Benet's Abbey Golden Hour (shot added)

    Cracking shot, this would look great in contrasty black and white!! Must try and track this down next time I'm Norfolk!! matt
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    Industrial decay

    Great set of images, these places always seem to be full of great shots ...perhaps even more so than what some might call slightly more 'prettier' locations!! The BMW is a handsome looking beast also!! Matt
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    I love stuff like this, would love to explore such places myself though would definitely have to go solo without the ladyfriend ..she'd never set foot in such places I've tried and failed!!:exit: Matt
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    Crab Spiders + others

    Amazing set of images, images like these make me want to go and try a macro lens!! Matt
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    Wander before Breakfast

    Nice selection here, particularly like the Snipe, my favourite little wader!! Such gorgeous plumage, takes me back to my winter birding walks in the Norfolk broads...wish I was there now!!! Matt