1. Cherryunderthesun

    Would love some advice

    Hi guys, I hope I'm doing this right. I've very recently gone self employed as a Nail Technician, and would like to upgrade my photography. I have attached a photograph and wonder if anyone here has any idea "how" this was taken; camera/lighting/editing/other. I notice the reflection of what...
  2. fooddestroyer


    First post guys, be gentle :) I recently received a generous gift of a pristine Nikon D7000 with an additional Nikon 50mm lens (AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1:8 G), and a MacBook Pro running Adobe CC. We were also given a great flash and tripod too. You see, as an upshot of a family crisis, my...
  3. mjmountain


    Fly insectoids (2 of 14) by mike mountain, on Flickr Cute insectoids (13 of 14) by mike mountain, on Flickr Not so cute insectoids (9 of 14) by mike mountain, on Flickr Prehistoric insectoids (7 of 14) by mike mountain, on Flickr
  4. mjmountain

    Dew soaked bugs?

    I see a lot of Macro pictures on insects covered in dew - the cynic inside me thinks this is a by product of using low temperatures to slow down the subject rather than all the images being taken at dawn. I strive to only take pics of living bugs in the natural habitat as it increases the...
  5. mjmountain

    Just a fly

    Paucity of bugs in the garden - even the hovers have b'ggrd off. But I was quite pleased with this shot: Fly by mike mountain, on Flickr Pop over to flickr to see it in all its revolting glory.
  6. mjmountain


    Testing a sensor clean @ f22 P9080023 by mike mountain, on Flickr P9080008 by mike mountain, on Flickr the first one makes a nice B&W Bwfly (1 of 1) by mike mountain, on Flickr
  7. mjmountain

    Wild Finally got around to getting my Macro lens fixed - Mini beasts

    getting back into the swing of things... 1 DSC01320 2 DSC01316 3 DSC01331 4 DSC01315 5 DSC01396 6 DSC01391 7 DSC01380 8 DSC01348
  8. Matt-B

    Snail - Close up filter

    Hi All I am starting to consider being more active in my close up / macro photography and have recently purchased some very cheap filters from ebay which I can attach to my Nikon 50mm Lens. I know its not true 1:1 macro however its one way I can experiment to see if I like it before purchasing...
  9. Olyn

    New user, new to macro. Have some eye shots!

    Hi guys, New user here. I just picked up a Sigma 105mm 2.8 EX DG macro for my Canon 6D cheap on ebay. Got it for £65 because it was 'broken' as the auto-focus wasn't functioning. What ever will I do with it, perhaps a paperweight. I bought it for shooting mini critters but have only got around...
  10. H

    Beginner Focusing Problems

    Hello, I am a beginner and I really love photographing jewellery but I am having problems with blurring and I am wondering if some one can help me. If I photograph a brooch, for example, I focus in on it and shoot and everything is great. It comes out nice and clear. But if I photograph a...
  11. mjmountain

    more from the hedgerow

    More pics from the office carpark Shield bug: DSC06244 by mike mountain, on Flickr Sawfly larvae DSC06235 by mike mountain, on Flickr Ants - lasius niger DSC06200 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC06171 by mike mountain, on Flickr
  12. mjmountain


    A few recent pics of spiders, seems to be all I have in the garden now: Spikey DSC04836 by mike mountain, on Flickr Interloper DSC04843 by mike mountain, on Flickr Camouflage DSC04809 by mike mountain, on Flickr Translucent DSC04790 by mike mountain, on Flickr
  13. mjmountain

    Critique Fly, Caterpillar, Ant & Scale

    A few from the office car park. My new flash setup is making this much easier. Fly DSC04738 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC04735 by mike mountain, on Flickr Caterpillars DSC04730 by mike mountain, on Flickr Ant DSC04756 by mike mountain, on Flickr Ant & Scale insect DSC04741 by mike...
  14. anisah

    Ruddy Darter Female - Close Encounter

    A couple of recent close up shots of a female Ruddy Darter taken in a local butterfly garden. Both shots are hand held using a Canon EOS5DIII with a Tamron SP AF 180mm F/3.5 Di LD[IF] MACRO 1:1. 1. 2. Taken about 10 minutes apart and about 10 yards apart, but the lighting is so...
  15. mjmountain

    more mini beasts.

    Little striped jumping spider - cute lil' thing. Didn't hang around long enough for me to nail the focus on the eyes: DSC02942 by mike mountain, on Flickr Not much else in the garden - still tons of these:DSC02947 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC02891 by mike mountain, on Flickr an this tiny...
  16. mjmountain

    Hoverflies and spiders

    As always please view original Flickr for full glorious detail. The thumbs don't do them credit. bee on Bryony flower: DSC02758 by mike mountain, on Flickr Tiny garden spiders: DSC02711 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC02708 by mike mountain, on Flickr Hoverflies: DSC02738 by mike mountain...
  17. mjmountain

    Ants farming aphids

    Thought this was interesting - tricky to photograph though because of the cylindrical nature of the scene. DSC02275 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC02279 by mike mountain, on Flickr
  18. mjmountain

    Harvestman eating it's old skin.

    DSC02029 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC02063 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC02068 by mike mountain, on Flickr
  19. mjmountain

    More minibeasts

  20. mjmountain


    Didn't quite nail the focus, also tricky colours, lot's of beige going on.
  21. mjmountain

    Testing out my Raynox 250

    First attempts. Taken in my garden with my Sony a77, Minolta 70-300 lens, Raynox 250 and homemade flash diffuser. Handheld, no tripod.
  22. Lefrash

    Beginner macro safari!

    If you havent seen my other posts then I'll explain; I'm new to photography and I've got very 'consumer level' equipment. I got an old nikon d80 and a random lens off ebay for a reasonable price. I really fancied learning how to get super close up photography. I've watched about 8 hours of...
  23. waring192

    Beginner Mini studio setup for vintage items

    Hello, Recently I inherited from my late mother a vast amount of vintage designer clothes/shoes/boots (Vivienne Westwood etc), handbags (Loewe etc), thermos flasks, jigsaw puzzles (all c1880-1940), perfumes textiles etc. Items such as Howard sofas and footstools are going to Christies Auction...
  24. anisah

    Marsh Fritillary & Dingy Skipper

    Not able to do much at the moment due to ongoing treatment at hospital, but last week could not resist the challenge when we heard that the Marsh Fritiltaries and Dingy Skippers had been seen locally. Was very surprised that they were there as it has been so cold and very few other butterflies...
  25. David Street

    Macro Noir

    My latest macro project...a dumbel. I created this from a stack of 34 images. Pretty happy with how this turned out but I am going to revisit the subject as I think there is more I can do with it.
  26. David Street

    Abstract Macro

    These are three of my favorite abstract-ish macro shots that I have taken fairly recently. The first image is a Dremel motor, the second a metal mesh fruit bowl and the last one is a door handle.
  27. mjkent

    Sigma 105mm Macro - Canon 760d flash problems. Please help!!

    Hi, I have recently bought a Sigma 105mm DG OS HSM Macro for my wife to use with her Canon 760d. I also bought a Neewer TTL ring flash. Using Aperture priority mode, without the flash fitted, I have the following: 1/8th speed F9.0 ISO 800 (Settings are a bit random as I am experimenting...
  28. sandboxmagician

    Critters I've found just outside my home

    Globby by DG Photos, on Flickr Beetle by DG Photos, on Flickr Peeping by DG Photos, on Flickr Snail by DG Photos, on Flickr All taken within the last 2-3 months. Looking forward to seeing what appears during warmer weather..
  29. gothgirl

    Critique Horse Eye Close Up

    Canon 60D & 50mm 1.8 STM
  30. sandboxmagician

    A millipede

    Haven't done any macro for ages but found a teeny tiny millipede (I think?) going about it's business the other day. Millipede by DG Photos, on Flickr Millipede by DG Photos, on Flickr Not the greatest admittedly, but it's good to finally find some critters again!