1. D

    What's the best print service for wedding albums?

    Hello, I'm a wedding photographer looking to start offering albums as one of my packages. I have the idea of a custom name embossed on the front and nice quality materials, it can't be cheap as it's sentimental and has to last. I have had a long look around online but it's really hard to judge...
  2. TGphoto

    Canvas Printing Recommendations

    Hi, I am looking to get a canvas print done at around 32 x 20 inches. I would like some suggestions. Happy to pay a decent price but DS Colour labs are almost £80 which I think is fairly steep. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks
  3. P

    Beginner LR export for High Quality prints

    Hi Some advice please. I am submitting some images to a stock library for prints only. They stipulate: 25mb max file size. Jpeg There max print size is 108" long edge 48" short. I am shooting with Nikon D7000 so cropped sensor. Files are approx 6-18 mb max. Up to 5000 x 3000 in dimension. Q...
  4. Bebop

    Jpeg vs. RAW pre printing

    I'm a relative newbie to printing, but have spent a lot of time reading up. I have a couple of questions... Today I processed a RAW image ready for printing so that the black and white points were just not clipping in Lightroom. I then exported this as a Jpeg. 1st Question... does anybody use...
  5. P

    Small Square prints - any easy print lab app

    Hi I want to start printing much more photos from my phone, just family memories and moments, and display them around my house. i want these to be small square prints changed on regular basis. As such I imagined what I need, but I am not sure something like this exists. I would like an app where...
  6. A

    Help with getting high quality / sharp print (screenshot, info included)

    I posted on this forum already this week but I think I am finding all the info about resolution, pixels, etc a bit overwhelming and I just can't get my head around it; I thought I understood it but my prints have come back soft/out of focus twice this week. I have been photographing as a hobby...
  7. E

    Beginner How do I go about printing and sending?

    I want to produce prints but I don't know much about the process and how to go about it. Should I print them myself or go to a printers for better quality? Anybody got advice?
  8. B

    Finishing Art Prints

    Hi All I am starting to do more fine art prints on the Hahnemuhle art paper. I looking at the finish off the prints and wonder if and what you do when come to mounting you artwork and numbering your work please? Do Hahnemuhle protective sprays for them do any off you use it? What sort off...