1. Z


    Hi everyone, Fairly new here and have been looking for my first camera for a while now. I have been looking at the xt3 and a6500 and have recently been looking at the full frame A7R II. Ideally I want to spend under £1000 on the camera itself. I am mainly interested in street photography and...
  2. mike_6480

    Bargain Sony A7ii £567

    Sony A7ii £567 at Argos eBay store:
  3. Tysonator

    Sony NEX-7 Pulsating AF !

    Hello, I have recently purchased a used Sony NEX-7 and and have been using it with my Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS E Mount, SEL50F18 When the camera is focusing using Flexible spot AF or centre point the AF is pulsing slightly backwards and forwards on the target, meaning I cannot get a sharp image ! ...
  4. Tysonator

    SONY Walk about Lens for Mirrorless camera

    Hi, I have recently purchased a used Sony NEX-7 mirrorless camera to supplement my EOS 7Dii as my light travel camera. I have a some E mount glass already Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OSS, 5-210mm F4.5 - 6.3 OSS and 50mm F1.8 OSS I am looking for a better quality walk around lens for example the...
  5. Tysonator

    Advise on Sony Walk Around Lens !

    Hi all, I am hoping to get a Full Frame Sony lens for my current Sony mirroless a NEX5R and my future purchase of either A6600 or A7iii After reading some reviews it seems the Sony 24-70 f4 ( SEL2470Z ) is not that sharp even though it is image stabilized. What alternatives can I look in...
  6. TGphoto

    Critique Maspalomas Dunes

    Hi, I was in Gran Canaria during the summer and took a visit to these dunes. I was pretty amazed by them, it looked like to Sahara desert! I had to choose between a colourful sky or nice shadows, went for the shadows. Maspalomas%20Dunas%20by%20Thomas%20Green,%20on%20Flickr']Maspalomas Dunas...
  7. markmuddimer

    Returning to photography

    Its been a few years since I sold up all my Canon 70D and lenses but Im missing a proper camera after using my phone for family shots. Question is what are people now buying? It was always Canon and Nikon with a little Sony and others behind but I feel the game has changed a little. I also used...
  8. B

    Mirorless Upgrade or not?

    Morning All, It's been some time since i've been on TP but pop in now and then for a read. I'm not fully up to date nowadays so was looking for some advice - but first some history. Many moons ago my main use was motorsport but i moved away from that and then it was predominantly airsoft as i...
  9. Cameraboi1998

    Beginner Beginner camera

    Hi! So I have recently started looking into photography and am really excited to start! I’ve been looking at many different cameras and am currently really interested in this one: Is this a good...
  10. P

    Action camera best at 1080p

    Hi I am looking for an action camera which has a very good full HD (not 4k). I was recently looking at GoPro Hero Black 7 and DJI osmo action but cannot find much about quality of their full HD. As these are expensive, I researched cheaper options, and cam across SJCAM SJ8 Pro - which supposedly...
  11. david357

    Little owl incoming.

    Very impressed with the focussing of the Sony A7R3 on this owl earlier this week!
  12. Seanazz

    Slow Sunday

    Quite walk round the pier, Hull.
  13. Gary.D

    A Bridal Portrait at The Lawn in Rochford, Essex

    I love this bridal portrait of Kayleigh from this weeks wedding at The Lawn in Rochford. Photo by
  14. Ajsski99

    Selling Sony A290 Camera

    Hiya, I'm planning on selling my Sony A290 digital camera with the 18-55mm lens. It was passed on to me but is sadly not being used and is taking up space. So what I came to the forum to ask is what would be a decent price to sell this camera at? Auction or buy it now? Where would you recommend...
  15. Gary.D

    A Wedding at Bressingham Hall in Diss

    I would love to share these 2 recent images from a Wedding that I captured at Bressingham Hall in Diss. The reaction of the dad, took about 15 quick fire shots to get the best one! I loved the result.
  16. david357

    Stormy light on the Carneddau.

    Interesting light on the Carneddau today, taken from the Great Orme, Llandudno, over the Conwy Estuary. Sony A7R3 with Sony 100-400GM lens.
  17. Ajsski99

    Infrared Photography.

    Hi all, I'm currently studying A Level Photography (1st year) and have been tasked with a project running from now until the end of May. It can be on whatever we want, but to be honest that's just a little background information on this question. I've come across some photographers while...
  18. R

    Sony a6300 v a6500

    Hello, I’m looking at purchasing either the A6300 or A6500. I’m mainly going to be using the camera for travelling, landscape photography and doing some small bits of video. Is the price difference really worth the differences between these two cameras? Any recommendations would be great!
  19. P

    E mount telephoto lenses

    Hi I am looking for a lens that would start at 16-18mm and go up to 100-200mm for my sony nex. I identified the following: 18-105 - mixed opinions regarding sharpness; 18-200 (old silver) - very good opinions; 18-200 ( new black) - mixed opinion; Possibly 16-70z which is slighyly too short...
  20. mike_6480

    Bargain Sony A7 iii plus 28-70mm lens

    Sony A7 iii plus 28-70mm lens. Only £1,917 and due in stock on 3rd August
  21. michaelg

    Top Cashback & Mirrorless Cameras at Jessops

    Wondering if anyone bought a mirrorless camera (e.g. a Sony A7X type) via Top Cashback at Jessops? If so, which option did you choose (since it only lists DSLRs and CSCs) and did it track and pay out the cashback okay? Looking to pre-order a Sony A7III and this looks like the cheapest option...
  22. R

    Sony A7R III - Owners/Owned comments?

    Hi guys and gals, I'm looking to move into the next level of mirrorless photography having done the rounds with full DSLR and then ditching all of that for Olympus - the ollies are fantastic little beasts but I am looking for something a bit more advanced having used the OMD E5 (MK 1) for a...
  23. TGphoto


    At risk of becoming even more goes. Some of you will be sick of me by now, hopefully this is nearing its conclusion :LOL::LOL:. I NEED to make a decision.....but I really am torn here. Background: Had the 7d, but after a while I fancied FF for landscape and wanted a compact...
  24. A

    sony a7 vs a7ii

    I currently have a sony A7 and am thinking to upgrade to a a7ii for the ibis. my lenses are currently all A-Mount lenses and used with the LA-EA4 on the A7. Since my current set up does not have any image stabilisation, I have had some shaky shots. I take photos primarily and was wondering...
  25. mjmountain

    more from the hedgerow

    More pics from the office carpark Shield bug: DSC06244 by mike mountain, on Flickr Sawfly larvae DSC06235 by mike mountain, on Flickr Ants - lasius niger DSC06200 by mike mountain, on Flickr DSC06171 by mike mountain, on Flickr
  26. TGphoto

    Landscape kit choices

    Hi there, Currently playing around with my kit set up. Primarily shooting landscape. Considering the following two options - what do people think... I have the Sony A7. Sony 16-35mm + Sony 50mm FE 1.8 Or Olympus 21mm/24mm + Sony 35mm 2.8 + Sony 28-70mm kit lens Opinions based purely on...
  27. S

    Beginner New Upgrade Help

    Hi all, New to this forum so hello from me. I am by no means a professional photographer. I spend my time capturing precious family moments and I also as a hobby like taking photo's of cycling events and motorbikes, mainly WSB and MotoGP. I purchased my first 'proper' camera a few years back...
  28. TGphoto

    New Samyang 35mm F2.8 - Sony FE - thoughts?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these and your initial thoughts on it? And any comparison against the Sony version if you may have had both. Reviews seem decent so far but real testing is lacking slightly IMO. In two minds as to whether to pay the £275 for this or fork out an...
  29. TGphoto

    The final camera decision...

    So I have asked this question in some way or another a few times on a few threads but I have finally come to the day where I will make a final decision and hopefully stick by it. Thanks so much to all the people that have already contributed to my conundrum! These are my options - both similar...
  30. TGphoto

    Sony A7 Viewfinder Question

    I just got the A7 - first mirrorless camera - I just stuck the lens on (28-70) inside and tried the viewfinder inside the house, it looks flickery and not fully clear - is this normal or do I need to return it? The screen picture on the screen is fine. Is this standard with mirrorless?