9th visit to the 52's! COMPLETED!!

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Congrats! :)
Many thanks Rick!

Heya Michael,

Gratz on getting to the end once again !
  • Christmassy - not an easy shot to get I guess, with the crowds (though not Oxford Street crowded!) I may have tried to get the decoration more central, but I guess you were going for the left 1/3rd
  • Out-take - I think I'll go for the dolphin shots. I can especially relate to the cap shot, having lost a Le Mans cap into the foundations of a hotel in Southwark in high winds :(
Thanks Tim, not easy to be honest, decoration more central would have been nice, usually what I would opt for, but too many people and I didn't have the energy to wait lol, we also had the children with us so eyes were on them more than the photographic opportunities. It's not the first one I have lost, a huge gust of wind near the top of the caingorm mountain snatched it out from under 3 hoods! Certainly great to get to the end of another 52.

Great work on the catch up Michael!(y)
And a big congrats for finishing your 9th 52 challenge...exceptional!:clap:

Play: Great, super sharp capture! Love the action and the colours are strong too.
Far: Amazing! Another great capture...excellent B&W processing too!
Below: Super shot of the little moggy...nice PoV and great textures on the rocks too
Snappers Choice: This is a really nice, detailed image Michael. A very striking bird and well photographed.
Christmassy: The reflections are really good and the colours are vivid and very nice indeed. Great fit for the theme!
Outtakes: There's some fun images here...the first set are hilarious...the one of your foot is a corker...I think we've all been there!!:LOL:
Shame about your cap...at least you have the photo to remember it by!!;)
Many thanks once again Gareth for taking the time to comment on the catch ups, greatly appreciated as always, sorry I haven't been able to keep up with comments.

Wow, another year successfully complete! :clap: Very well done and many congratulations. :clap:

All the best for the New Year.
Thank you Stan!

Hi Michael great finish for 2019. I have a great collection of sea pictures from a dolphin watching trip, the sneaky bottle nosed burgers seemed to be everywhere that my camera wasn't pointing!
Thanks Clive, much appreciated.

Congrats on the finish Michael.
Many thanks Dave.
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