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  1. Hugh Jarse

    Hugh Jarse

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    As others have said, the M series has moved on. I dipped my toe in with the Argos £199.99 deal a few years back, originally for it's novelty factor. As time passed I found myself using it more and more. The dearth of M lenses is annoying and the prime choice of the superb 22mm Pancake and 28mm macrolite is disheartening. I got the 28mm to catalogue my stamp collection! It has a very thin d.o.f and the inbuilt led ring works fine. It does not leave the house though. I have the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 ART for that range but it brings the ef-m to ef/ef-s adapter into use.

    The 2 kit lenses cover their roles well. The 15-45 is lightest and smaller of ghe two. The one you have is better built and is bigger. It is also excellent for video work to.

    Both the 11-22 and 55-200 are very capable too. As per my earlier post, the 18-150 puzzles me. I have tried 4 copies and none have been great. A known CA issue dogs it and it seems, IMHO, incompatible with my M5.

    Having big hands I originally struggle with the EOS M but I added a bespoke L Plate with an Arca QR plate builtin. Gave it a better handling but the lack of any viewfinder is an issue.

    I have moved both the M bodies on and now have an M5/M6 and M10. The latter was a cheap buy on a Canon Cash-back.

    I have used the early M bodies on a coastal project I start in Summer 2016 and completed this Summer with an M/M10 and a M5 eventually. I still use EF/EF-S and EF-M lens kit but my upcoming trip to New England is all EOS M kit. Lightened to just the M5 and 4 lenses as detailed in an earlier post.

    Give your kit a workout but do be flexible in your approach. Sadly the Canon CSC been compromised by it's own flexibility in 'being all things to all men (and women)".

    Being honest, the lure of going 'Fuji' does wander onto my landscape in a 'prime ordering' way (apologies for the pun). So far I resist but my New England trip may change my landscape.

    Might be worth trying am M5.
    Note - edit to show M5 not M)

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