Beginner Off Camera Flashgun Issues

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Hello, this is my first post here, recently I have been getting into macro photography using my d3400 nikon camera. I am currently using a fixed manual 50mm lens reversed with a 36mm entenstion tube and a Mieke Mk-300 flashgun to take my shots. As the reversed lens doesn't talk to the camera I have to shoot everything in manual. So in order to run the flashgun I have it set to manual to trigger which is not a problem when I shoot with it attached to the top of the camera. But when I mount it on a hotfoot extender and try to get a flash 90% of the time it won't trigger, I have both the flashgun and the camera flash set to auto so normally the flash should trigger regardless of exposure.
My issue is how do I get my flashgun to trigger when I have it on my hotplate extender? Are there settings in the camera menu I need to change or is it just impossible to trigger when set in manual mode? Etc or do I just have a dodgy extender? I have it setup to it can be as close to the lens as possible so I can add a diffuser on it/get the fullest illumination when shooting macro. What is it that I am missing here/ doing wrong?


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I recently had the exact same issue with my Canon macro rig.
My Sigma flash was fine on the camera hotshoe, but became very unreliable when attached via my cheapo TTL cord.
Yesterday I bought a better quality cord, and now my flash works reliably.

I assume by 'extender' you mean cord?

So I think your hunch is correct, it's the cord.
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