macro photography

  1. doogle

    Wild Scarlet lily beetle

    A quick shot of a scarlet lily beetle from the garden.
  2. sphexx


    I received this book as a present at Christmas I would describe this as an interesting curiosity. I haven’t...
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  6. Simple spider

    Simple spider

  7. G

    Beginner Off Camera Flashgun Issues

    Hello, this is my first post here, recently I have been getting into macro photography using my d3400 nikon camera. I am currently using a fixed manual 50mm lens reversed with a 36mm entenstion tube and a Mieke Mk-300 flashgun to take my shots. As the reversed lens doesn't talk to the camera I...
  8. Olyn

    New user, new to macro. Have some eye shots!

    Hi guys, New user here. I just picked up a Sigma 105mm 2.8 EX DG macro for my Canon 6D cheap on ebay. Got it for £65 because it was 'broken' as the auto-focus wasn't functioning. What ever will I do with it, perhaps a paperweight. I bought it for shooting mini critters but have only got around...
  9. Pixels On The Rocks

    Will Adaptall-2 work for vintage Tamron Macro 70-210mm F/3.5 and Canon 450D EOS?

    Good afternoon, I have two 'vintage' (judging by the boxes, probably 20 years of age) Tamron Macro lenses. As I have always wanted a macro lense but don't have the budget (worked with a close up filter so far but have considerable chromatic issues with it) I was hoping that I might get these...
  10. David Street

    Macro Noir

    My latest macro project...a dumbel. I created this from a stack of 34 images. Pretty happy with how this turned out but I am going to revisit the subject as I think there is more I can do with it.
  11. David Street

    Abstract Macro

    These are three of my favorite abstract-ish macro shots that I have taken fairly recently. The first image is a Dremel motor, the second a metal mesh fruit bowl and the last one is a door handle.