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This may be a little premature but I've just completed a deal in the classifieds for a Praktica MTL5B :D

Going to attach my MIRAGE 100-200mm F5.6 and SIGMA 80-200mm and go for a wonder when it arrives :)

I love new goodies :p

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Talking of new toys;

just got Minolta 505si with 2 zoom lens. That should sort me out for a light-weight AF SLR.. :D
Is this going become a "I've gotta new toy" thread?

If so I've either got coming or received an 8mm Sigeye lens, MF lenses in 135mm (thank you Marac), 200mm and 28mm. I've had huge fun all weekend with the 8mm Sigeye: I'd better post something hadn't I?
Sod it - This is now the New toy thread :p :p

Bah won't be long till my new one is here - JUST in time for my birthday weeee!
How long do we have?

Arthur - got a list :D
Get posting - :p

ppsstttt Arthur - Wheres my Birthday present? :p
I got a 7D... :D

So, the T90 of course, the 28-200mm lens for the Dynaxes, the clockwork Lomo 135, the Rollei 35 LED and the 35 SE, a Trip, a Canon MC, a C35EFP, a Seagull 205... been kind of tied up at work lately... and despite all the above, yesterday was a digital day really,


though the Zorki came out as well :D so shoot me :shrug:
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The Praktica MTL 5 is a nice camera, if a little cheap feeling in the construction stakes ( it's virtually 100% die cast plastic ) . I have a mint MTL 5B but rarely use it these days since I got my Fujica 605n for using with my M42 lenses.

As for new toys , just stumbled across a mint Olympus Trip at a Cash Generators store on Saturday for next to nothing. Rolled some Kodak Portra through it yesterday and it takes amazing sharp images for what feels like a toy when using it.


Also got a very nice Minolta XG-M with Rokkor 50mm f1.7 and 45mm f2 pancake for a song on e-bay last week. Excellent camera that will be my film camera of choice for the foreseeable . Hooked up with the pancake it's nice and lightweight and the aperture priority system works well. Now to source some more Minolta MD Rokkor's :love:

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Really like that second pic Boldonian :)

Arthur - Bit of a list going I see - Don't forget to post some pics up of the new gear ;)
How about it Arthur - Post some pics of the new gear :)
Can I play? I have a Canon AE-1 Program on the way... I'm intending to have a go at developing B&W film myself, but we'll see!

I also have a Noon panoramic pinhole camera that has yet to see any use! Looking forward to having some fun with film :)
Wicked Julian :) Don't forget to post some pictures up - The Canon as well as the results :)
I gottanother mju on the way, hopefully. My other seller changed his mind after I'd won some gear, grrr....
I like mju's, they have nice lenses. Their flaw is autoflash can kick in a bit prematurely and you have to cancel it for every frame, you can't tell the camera no thanks till further notice.
How about it Arthur - Post some pics of the new gear :)

I just spent 10 minutes taking individual pics with the Ricoh... then had to get out something more suitable to do the daughter's Prom dress night thing. Off to the school for collection by limo, more (lots more) pics, then realised she had forgotten the ixus... meant then that she now has the Caplio in her clutch bag and you all have to be satisfied with a family pic of the recent arrivals...


I forgot about the Paxina and the latest Argus - but the Seagull has yet to arrive sadly, here's hoping for tomorrow :D


PS - clicky for shameless proud father pic :D
:eek: what an amazing picture arthur... I'm not jelous at all...
I have a dual Lencarta Safari light setup arriving tomorrow (y) to go with the 95cm octo softbox that arrived a few days ago...... The Safari ring flash, 300w Elitepro light and 140x30cm softbox plus a few extra stands and things are being bought in a couple of weeks...... woo hoo.....

I have a MTL5B here under the bed, must sell it off :)
What - the cameras or the daughter?

Arthur :D

:LOL: That camera collection is impressive :LOL:

That said your daughter looks amazing to, no suprise your proud arthur :)
Excellent camera collection Arthur and your daughter looks lovely as well, I presume she takes after her mother? :D

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Ho. Ho ho.

Incidentally, after clarification, the T90 would not work in *auto aperture* rather than AF... 10 points to the first correct answer :LOL:
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T90 pic at last. Now fully sorted and with a couple of handy little lenses too :D


I have *way* too many cameras again - going to need another sort out fairly soon!
Seagull flies in!


Just got a 2x TC and an Adaptall 2 mount thing for the T90 as well :D


PS - oh ... and a 5D too :nuts:
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I just got an almost mint, black Nikon FM3A - it's great!

Also a decent Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AIS to replace the one I broke.
I'm waiting for a non Chinese 42mm to 39mm adapter (for about £2-£3) to play with my enlarging lenses.....50mm, 80mm and 105mm.

I didn't realise Sony made film cameras:LOL: Guess you didn't realise which sub-forum this topic is in;)

To be fair Darren threw a spanner in the works with his talk of lighting gear but we'll let him off because he's going to use it to light his film work;)
I didn't realise Sony made film cameras:LOL: Guess you didn't realise which sub-forum this topic is in;)

To be fair Darren threw a spanner in the works with his talk of lighting gear but we'll let him off because he's going to use it to light his film work;)

and I got a new film camera too, a Nikon EM.... Still want a F6 :)
... My alpha makes me smile....... so there :razz:

Your Alpha makes me smile too :naughty:

Today's new toy...


Arthur D

PS - it's funny, right? I have a Minolta 7D with a 5D on the way as well...
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New old toys...

Today I finally got my hands on my dad's old film cameras, which he found gathering dust, but in pretty good condition, in a big bag in the attic.

The first is a Praktica MTL3, not a fantastic camera, but fully functional, and with a fair few lenses, one of which is a Carl Zeiss, and another is a 300mm zoom lens. I'm new to film, so having the options there is pretty exciting to me... It's good timing, since my D60 is off for repair and I'm going to try my hand at some panning at Brands Hatch in a little while.

The second is a real treat though, a Minolta Hi-matic 7sII in great condition, just needs the battery replacing. I'm thinking it could be a fantastic camera for street candids.

Very exciting!
my Nikon F3 has sat languishing since the Tesco 2rolls SNAFU

then got a very nice 50mm f2 from CGeezer - yet to try it out

cruising eBay for a 24mm or 28mm - all silly prices - then found a mint 24mm right under my nose in Glasgow
Got my mits on another Asahi Pentax K1000 today, I can't even remember why I got rid of mine in the first place! I missed having it, and since there was a nice kit going for cheap I couldn't help but grab it :D
This was the first camera for many of us, who still has theirs?