The Ultrawide and Fisheye Open Thread

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A place for those of us who love to go wiiiide!

To kick off, a fisheye picture about fisheyes!

Fisheye shot of fisheye web page 990 DSCN1643.jpg

This was made on my very first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 990 bought new in 2000, not long after they were released in the UK. It was quite a long time later that I bought the fisheye adapter but that is now my primary use for this 20 year old camera. The bit sticking out the back is a an after market viewer for the LCD, without which the combination is much harder to use...

Nikon Coolpix 990 with Fisheye and viewfinder GX7 P1140680.JPG
For those who prefer their images with a little less bulginess, some images from one of the classic ultrawides - Tamron's 17mm AD2...

Canon Eos 5D 9154.JPG

People on Sidmouth breakwater 17mm Eos 5D IMG_0140.JPG

High contrast tree 17mm 5D IMG_0063.JPG
There are degrees of bulginess between the fisheye and and the ultrawide. Some images through semi (AKA full frame) fisheye lenses...

Sigma 16mm "Filtermatic" on 35mm film in a Nikon in the late 1990s...

Swindon station passenger bridge fisheye Nikon F4 004.jpg

A more modern take on the semi-fisheye using the Samyang 12mm on a Canon 40D...

Woman standing in London Tube fisheye Canon 40D 7244.JPG

Micro four thirds got into the game when Samyang released their 7.5mm. Of course, given the reputation of Russian pilots, this might be how they all saw their cockpits...

Helicopter Interior fisheye P1230400.jpg
Finding subjects for a 180 degree fisheye can be a struggle and the results aren't always that effective...

Car in street Coolpix 990 Fisheye DSCN1632.JPG
Something like the 15mm Voigtlander on a film body can make the most of a cloudy sky...

Summer sky Swindon Voigtlander 15mm 14.JPG
There's something fishy about this selfie!

Olympus E-PM1 6211092.JPG
With the Nikon Coolpix 990 set to wide angle and the FC-E8 fitted, you have 183 degrees of coverage. Even a boring window becomes a thing of wonder. (LSD may give you the same effect but it's more difficult to share the experience :naughty: )

Nikon Coolpix 990 1571.JPG
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Exeter bus station: 17mm Tamron AD2 on Nikon D600...

Buses in bays Exeter bus station D600 D60_4537.JPG
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Stall at Chippenham Market taken with a Sigma 17~35mm zoom at 17mm...

Market stall Chippenham 5D 5071.jpg
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I've never had a fisheye lens, probably never will, but I always remember a Nikon promotional picture taken of the front of a single decker bus from 2" away showing the whole of the front of the bus. It was taken with a very expensive 6mm fisheye and so so 'fishy' that apparently it was able to see behind itself, I think this is it: Nikkor 6mm f2.8

If I recall, it could only be installed on a camera wherein the mirror could be locked up because the back end of the lens protruded into the shutter cavity.
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Venetian blind at 7.5mm...

Venetian blinds Samyang 7.5mm E-PL1 P6181518.JPG
Taken with a Canon 15mm W/A lens. I've since sold the lens, though as I seldom used it

32 (32 of 1).jpg

15mm lens again. An updraught taken at Sentinel, Oklahoma.
33 (33 of 1).jpg
US Storm at sunset... 15mm.

Just lucky with the lightning CC bolt . Cloud > Cloud
Strange clouds. Was reported in local US press.
69.Laredo TX (69 of 1).jpg

Sunset on a Supercell Cb. The moon is middle right side.
72,Fisheye.Nebraska (72 of 1).jpg
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The leaning tree, Glasshouse Lane, Exeter...

Fisheye leaning tree Glasshouse Lane E-PL5 P7200003.JPG
It's an International Harvester of some type and vintage.

Thanks for that. I'll keep Googling using that name. So far no luck despite a page of Pinterest photos of IH vehicles.