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    Big Gun on Malta

    I’m the same! His videos are brilliant, I like that he gets on the range with the weapons too so you can see them in action a lot of the time. There used to be another one I watched by a guy pretending to be Russian which wasn’t as in depth but I can’t remember what it’s called now!
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    Big Gun on Malta

    There’s an excellent video on YouTube explaining about this gun on a channel called Forgotten Weapons which can be found here View: Essentially it had 2 sets of magazines and loading equipment, one at each side, so one side would load it, then fire then it would...
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    Beginner Just purchased a Pentax P30 SLR

    I don't know this particular camera, but i've managed to find the manual online and had a quick look through. If you're shooting in Program mode, it looks like the needle on the left will go to the top and start blinking for overexposure and go to the bottom and start blinking for underexposure...
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    Things mechanical with a mind of their own.

    I have the same camera, I've only ever run a few rolls through it but it gives nice results!
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    Beginner Missing Film?

    Can anybody else hear the X files music?
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    Photos from PC to I Phone

    I upload them into iCloud, either using the icloud software on my pc or logging into the web browser. Once uploaded they just appear in my photos on the phone and ipad :)
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    IPhone SE 2020 real life use

    I never have bluetooth turned on and hotspot works :) There's no issue arguing though, i don't think I'm going to convert you :D Do you have an android phone? I find most people like one kind and dislikes the other! I can generally get along with android but just choose not to, not through any...
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    IPhone SE 2020 real life use

    Just in case you still have or need to use one again in the future there is a quick access option to turn hotspot on which takes 2 seconds. You can swipe up from the bottom, hold your finger on the top left square where wifi/bluetooth etc are and it expands so you can toggle hotspot on and off...
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    IPhone SE 2020 real life use

    I got one about 4 weeks ago, I like it :) I traded in my old 6s plus so got some money off, and I prefer the smaller size. The chip is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro so is plenty quick enough and the camera is from the 11 too, albeit without the wide angle lens. The camera doesn’t do the low...
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    Dell Inspiron 2350 factory reset

    Looks like you want a reset, the guide for it as follows: Reset your PC If you want to recycle your PC, give it away, or start over with it, you can reset it completely. This removes everything and reinstalls Windows. Note: If you upgraded your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and your PC...
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    The G1 is more bang for the buck definitely, more controls and a proper aperture priority. The 28 is superb too, it’s either the sharpest lens I’ve ever used or a very close second behind the sigma 35. I will have another one day for sure, such a joy to use if a little automatic but you’re using...
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    Yesss what a beauty, I had one myself a few years back with the 28mm too. I shouldn’t have sold it but there we go :D I almost bought another with the 45mm earlier this year as a bigger brother to the T2 but ended up realising I would probably carry the T2 more anyway! Still doesn’t make me...
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    What was your most significant camera? Why?

    For me it was my first D700, I'd had cameras previous to that both digital and film but that is the camera where everything really came together for me. It was the camera I finally felt comfortable in my shooting ability and settled into myself with photography; so for that reason the D700 holds...
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    Apparently 10% off film at WEX

    I never think of looking at Wex for film, but they seem to have a decent stock, I'd been considering some Lomo 800 which they seem to have in a triple pack which looks alright! I might have to show some restraint when ordering :lol:
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    Nikon D750

    Definitely, I think getting bargains for mirrorless tends to be a case of adapting something else, which is fine but can come with its own problems. I’m not averse to using manual focus on an old adapted lens but I’d never have anything of my daughter in focus, she’s way too quick for me to keep...