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    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    Devoted canine still waiting for its master after all these years (X-Pro1/Pentax 50mm 1.7)
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    I'm shooting on a budget these days with a very cheap Cimko 28mm 2.8 lens (M42) and adapter on my X-Pro1
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    My first shot with the Xpro-1. It is a frosty morning and nothing remarkable except that the subject is an autumn fruiting yellow raspberry called Fall Gold which seemed extra appropriate given the light.
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    Forgotten albums

    Black Noise a 1977 prog space rock LP by synth based Canadian band FM. I missed this when it first came out due to Punk but looking back it is a classic.
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    Cushion Moss

    Thanks for the comments - TBH I only noticed the shot with 5 minutes of the day's sun left and by the time I had everything set up I just adjusted whatever button was nearest to get a good exposure - which was the f-stop button:oops: :$
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    Cushion Moss

    Sorry, nothing spectacular, but after a Winter break I found I had forgotten how everything works and needed some simple shots to jog the old brain cells into action :rolleyes: ghf by John Pond, on Flickr
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    Dung fly

    #6 looks like it is ready for a spot of fisticuffs:D
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    Main passion is cycling with a bit of DIY hi-fi and photography as side-dishes. The hi-fi is mainly a winter thing - building DAC's and modding bits of gear when the weather is bad.
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    NAS -> Network hi-fi Server -> hi-fi ... sense check please

    Asynchronous USB DAC? - the clock from the source works with the clock on the DAC which is fine when say a CD transport is used. But the clock on a PC is not very good so chips have been developed which allow for a new master clock to be established and that passes on far better quality info to...
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    Bringing back memories of Brian Walden and Weekend World View:
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    Takes on A Toy (January Challenge)

    Toy Lo-Pro racing bike DSC00385 by John Pond, on Flickr
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    The same intro but with added Lemmy (and Stacia!) View:
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    Just soldered up a £20 AK4396 DAC kit off ebay and it works :banana: - so time for a spot of Kraftwerk and Radioactivity to start the burn in. View:
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    Replacing a car tyre valve core - do I need a jack?

    I'd take the wheel off and immerse it in water to see where the leak is. If it is an alloy wheel then chances are you have a bit of rust bubbling on the rim breaking the seal - approx £12 fix for the local garage to apply a compound to the affected area
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor View: