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    The 2013 Season F1 Thread

    Not the same as the sound of the non-turbo cars we have had for the last 24 years.
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    The 2013 Season F1 Thread

    It's just not the same sound though, is it? Not as "violent" perhaps.
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    The 2013 Season F1 Thread

    Well. If this clip from Renault is anything to go by, then maybe you'll not even need ear defenders at F1 from next season. Yes it's still high revving. But that F1 sound has gone. For once I think Bernie was right in saying it was the wrong way to go...
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    Abu Dhabi

    You might be just a little short with the lenses you describe. It obviously depends where the cars are when you shoot them. However Yas Marina is one of the best circuits there is for the photo taking public. The grandstands are high, and not too far fromthe circuit like perhaps Silverstone...
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    Xi'an - The Drum Tower

    I like it. And particularly the third one. Finding something nice to photograh in Xian isn't easy. What a filthy hole of a place. But then you do have the Terracotta Warriors to make up for it.
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    The 2013 Season F1 Thread

    Let me be the first to wish the very best to Mr F1. Murray Walker, who has been diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer. So sadly this year he will not be at Silverstone just ten days from now. Get well soon Murray.
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    How long does your daily commute normally take?

    2.6 miles. Quiet roads. Just five minutes. I'd pedal it if I didn't have the dog to take with me. She won't balance on the crossbar.
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    Red Arrows close pass

    I can understand your problem. But three and four look good to me even with the focus on the nearer plane.
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    Cotswold hotel recommendations?

    The Close Hotel in Tetbury is lovely. I've stayed there twice. Ask for one of the Four Poster Rooms.:thumbs: It's often featured on here for wedding photos.
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    Norwegian Fjord

    I rarely post pictures up here. But thought I'd seek opinion on this one from my trip last week. Glorious weather, added to a low down angle whilst sat in a kayak. I thought it would be decent the moment I pressed the shutter. Comments please?
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    Loch Lomond Jetty, 445am

    It's a lovely shot. Though I do agree with Windrunner about the jetty and the horizon. Whereabouts was it taken? Balloch?
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    Ayrton Senna - 19 Years Ago Today

    It's also 25 years ago today that he scored his first win for McLaren. AND 20 years today that he won possibly his greatest race at Donnington Park. I can still remember needing a whiskey in my coffee at 6.30am. God it was cold and wet.
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    What are you doing this Bank Holiday Weekend?

    Going to Cheltenham to (hopefully) watch Northampton Town qualify for the League Two Play Off at Wembley later in the month
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    Is the sixth one the former England Goalkeeper David James.:lol:
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    Our cat jumped in the washing machine yesterday, but at least it died in Comfort.