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    Wattbike £25 Discount Code

    If anyone is planning on purchasing a new Wattbike, such as the next generation Atom. You can save yourself £25 using this link which I got when I bought mine this morning. Wattbike Discount Code - £25 I get a voucher in return for you doing this. But given shipping on a Wattbike is £60...
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    Extending router signal

    I'm using Virgin and the Superhub 3, I didn't research it as fully as I should have. After having problems, I searched Interweb and found loads of people with issues with MESH networks and integration with SKY Q. It maybe specific to Virgin Media and their hub, but would have loved to have it...
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    Extending router signal

    Be cautious if you run SKY Q TV with mini boxes and go down the mesh route. I’ve tried two mesh setups to try and solve the exact problem you’ve got. Both caused big problems with the SKY system, causing repeated drop outs. In the end I scrapped the idea and got a gaming router and used ISP...
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    Peli type case for storing all my gear, recommendations plz.

    I bought a hard case from these guys, was very impressed with the quality and price compared to Peli. Trifibre
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    High-end bridge cameras: Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 etc

    Haven’t had much opportunity to use the camera since I bought it. But first images that I’ve taken in anger have really surprised me. The sharpness of them is simply fantastic, even when pixel peeping Just got to get to grips with the menu system and using manual mode, rather than auto.
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    High-end bridge cameras: Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 etc

    Thank you appreciate your help. I don't know the limitations of this type of camera, since getting it I've barely used it. I guess it's more a case of just making sure the camera is capable of shooting sport. I'm used to using a lens at F/2.8 and know this won't shoot at that.
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    High-end bridge cameras: Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 etc

    Quick one, has anyone done any football photography with the RX10? I owe someone a favour and he’s called it in. At the time I made the promise to help out I had a 1dx so junior football was easy, but now with the RX10 IV I’m not so sure I’ll produce anything acceptable. So if anyone has some...
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    High-end bridge cameras: Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 etc

    Thanks I'll have a look at all three. :ty:
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    High-end bridge cameras: Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 etc

    Just ordered my RX10 IV after shifting on all my canon stuff. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good quality camera case/bag that fits this perfectly well with space for batteries and SD cards? I’ve only got rucksacks left from the Canon stuff, which are just too big. Thanks in advance...
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    Lightroom 6 - anywhere left to buy

    I had exactly the same problem last week with Curry’s, they eventually refunded me and told me to try reordering. I decided against it, was going to buy on eBay but got a bit nervous as the last one I did I got ripped off and agin had to get a refund.
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    Sigma 150-600mm contemporary

    A few from the last week, just picked up the lens to go with my 1dx.
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    PM631 Spitfire - RAF Coningsby

    Had a little drive past Coningsby on Wednesday. Not much happening other than this old thing flying around... I’m told it’s only recently back flying.
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    A Few Pics of Red Kites in Leeds

    Beautiful weather over Leeds so thought I’d take a chance on the Red Kites... Quite pleased with the outcome.
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    Help - Photoshop Elements - Image Issues

    Got to the bottom of it with a fair bit of help.... :banana: BANDING Having now gone back through everything, it does seem that when the files were batch saved, it compressed them to 3 out of 12. At that level the rings appear, once set to a decent file size they disappear. Feel a total...