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    Camera Club Listings

    Macclesfield Camera Club meets Monday night in the library. Also, see Lancashire and Cheshire Photo Union The PAGB will point to nationwide federation's which in turn will list their member clubs.
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    Cant tempt the right animals into my garden - Help!

    Sunflower hearts, Niger seed, fat balls and peanuts. If you persevere there will be loads of variety coming. I get all sorts of Tits, Sparrows, Millions of Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Redpoll. There are some Blackcap, a pair of Goldcrest and of course the other usual garden birds. There's...
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    RIP Gary Coyle

    Horrible news. I read it on a laptop I bought from Gary. I went round to pay / collect it and was made very welcome while we had a fair old natter. Although this was the only time we met, he was clearly a very likeable and knowledgable guy and my condolances and wishes are with his family.
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    Copying lightroom raw files & edits to laptop for client viewing

    From memory, so it may not be 100%, if you have LR on your laptop too, you can export a folder from your pc as a catalogue, save that on your laptop, (easy over wireless at home), you can import the catalogue into LR your laptop, make changes and then export again. Not syncing I know, but I cant...
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    What changes when you dial in exposure compensation?

    I think you'll find the exposure won't change beyond your lowest settings. If you think about it, your lens is wide open, you are asking for more light and you've set your shutter. The only remaining variable is the iso. If you have auto iso on, that'll bump up in proportion to your shutter...
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    The "how would you edit this photo" game.

    I think there was too much water on the inside :-)
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