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    I've used a 70-200 and 200-400 for a year or so now after having a 300 and getting the 200-400 is the best choice I've made for football. Performs.fantastically well
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    Media catering at St James' Park

    I think I know now. I'm there next weekend so will see you there ;-)
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    Media catering at St James' Park

    That was meant for fhoneill as well. Not sure why multi quote didn't work
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    Media catering at St James' Park

    I think we must chat at games and I've no idea who you are on here lol Food has improved since I posted although I still don't have it. Past two games though I've been partial to popping in at HT for a cake.
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    WiFi - 4G Stadium signals

    I've only ever used wifi at grounds in the past months but do have the option of 4G dongle and 4G on phone as a backup
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    What sport would you most like to photograph??

    Boxing for me everyday or the week. No doubt is the same, no one knows that will happen next and the next punch could be the last one. Always have to be on your toes I've been fortunate enough to cover some big fights and great fight nights and being so close to the action is something you...
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    Back in the game...

    Felt little like that for the last 12-18 months with Premier League and Football League stuff. I've always put it down to the poor quality of the football I cover (At the time it was Sunderland and Newcastle in a relegation battle so not many home wins etc). Now its little better but not as...
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    RIP Gary Coyle

    Just seen this. Shocked. RIP Gary. Thoughts are with your loved ones
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    Media catering at St James' Park

    Food and drinks stopped last season but they must be back now. I've always eaten before I go so can't comment on how good or bad it is.
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    iCap delivered at long last

    As it's a night game it's good to keep those bright lights off as well. Especially if you have a glossy screen on laptop
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    iCap delivered at long last

    As said. Worth every penny in rain or shine
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    What sports you cover - that you get published!

    My main sport is football which has been published on a weekly basis. Others sports I have done in the last year are cycling and boxing which have both been published. I've done loads of others in the past which have been published as well. Cricket, Rugby (league and Union), Netball, golf...
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    Pitch invasion what to do?

    Kit goes away on 80 minutes and keep out two bodies and lenses. Keep kit close just in case
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    Super Telephoto lens buying help 'Football & Rugby'

    I know many people use primes and most stick to 300/400mm but I've gone down the 200-400 F$ route (albeit a Nikon) and think its fantastic. huge improvement over the 300mm I had previous. So much so that I hardly ever use or shoot with the 70-200 that now sits at my side just incase (I'm...
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    The Football Thread - Season 2015/2016

    Its the biggest thing that could happen this summer. I don't really care at this stage who stays or goes as long as he stays. The one thing that surprised me to be honest as the season drew to a close was how well Sunderland did in all fairness. As well as Newcastle did to put themselves in...