1. Graphix501

    Critique British GT 2019 Through My Lens

    Hey All, 2019 was my third year covering the British GT as a media monkey, here's a selection of my shots throughout the season. Talk Photography was pretty much where it all started for me, in 2019 I spent much of my time working for the guy that used to moderate this section (Gary Parravani)...
  2. Graphix501

    British Grand Prix Silverstone

    Hey all, A bit of a delay, here's a few from Silverstone - It was way busier than any grandprix i've been to in the last 10 years which made getting a spot a bit of pain in the ass. Not much variety here I'm afraid as it was just a jolly with me and a few mates so couldn't drag everyone where I...
  3. Graphix501

    British GT Silverstone

    Hey all, Well it's been almost exactly a year since it rained on me during a motorsport event (when before that it was pretty much every time I went out)... The Silverstone 500 race was epic, with a massive field and the differing weather made for some varied shots... Here's a small selection...
  4. Massive crash

    Massive crash

    Donington Park - No LImits Racing
  5. PhotoBoris

    How do you carry your kit at the track?

    Simple question really. How do you carry your kit at the circuit and what is in your bag? Whenever I go to a track, I always think I have taken too much kit with me. At the moment, I take: A Canon 70D A Canon 60D A Canon 15-85 A Tamron 70-300 (nice lens, but can produce blurry images at wide...
  6. PhotoBoris

    Kumho Tyres BMW Championship

    A few more from Oulton Park - this time from the BMW Championship 1 Kumho BMW Championship - BARC, Oulton Park-61 by G B, on Flickr 2 Kumho BMW Championship - BARC, Oulton Park-90 by G B, on Flickr 3 Kumho BMW Championship - BARC, Oulton Park-93 by G B, on Flickr 4 Kumho BMW Championship -...
  7. PhotoBoris

    Pre '66 Touring Cars & Pre '83 Group 1 Touring Cars at Oulton Park

    Here are a few shots taken in one of the old touring car series categories at Oulton Park over the weekend. It was really well attended and as usual, very well organised by BARC. 1 Pre '66 Touring Cars & Pre '83 Group 1 Touring Cars - BARC, Oulton Park-222 by G B, on Flickr 2...
  8. PhotoBoris

    Donington circuit rally

    Anyone going to Donington for the start of the MSV season tomorrow?
  9. PhotoBoris

    Motorsport calendar resources

    The MSV circuits have now published their 2019 calendars, which can be found here: Sadly, they don't seem to be publishing an ICS file this year so you can add it to your calendar app. I find the google calendars available from Pat on...
  10. Graphix501

    My Year in the fast lane

    Hi all, It seems every year I do one of these wrap-ups they get closer and closer together :( I must be old now. It's coming up to 10 years now since I picked up my first DSLR and a lot has happened in those years - hopefully the pictures continue to improve :D Anyway, here's a selection from...
  11. Graphix501

    YES! Even More WEC from Silverstone

    Hey Folks, Lots of very good stuff from the WEC already so I apologise for spamming you even more... C&C most welcome if you can bear to look at any more sports cars :D 1. The M8 GTE was in fact smaller than the internet lead me to believe #82 BMW Team MTEK BMW M8 GTE: Antonio Felix da Costa...
  12. PhotoBoris

    Silverstone WEC, ELMS and F3

    Here are a few from my trip to Silverstone. I have tried to do something a bit different with some slower shutter speeds. I took over 5000 images so there will be more to come on my flickr stream! 1 Prema Theodore Racing Mercedes Benz - Dallara - Mick Schumacher - European Formula 3...
  13. PhotoBoris

    Lightroom Photos - Culling Your Images

    Like many motorsport photographers, I am finding that I return from an event - particularly the major events, like this weekend gone's WEC - with literally thousands of images. I don't seem to be getting the culling bit of my workflow correct, as I always seem to end up with too many images...
  14. Graphix501

    British GP 2018 Silverstone

    Hey All, I'm surprised I'm the first to post up pictures from the F1, I guess everyone had a bit of a shocker like me. Really wasn't feeling it this year, too hot, too much glare and a lack of creativity on my part. C & C still welcome, but I know I could have done better this year :S All from...
  15. PhotoBoris

    Ginetta Junior - Oulton Park

    The next installment of my BTCC support package shots, from Oulton Park last weekend. 1 Johnny Wilkinson - TCR- Ginetta Junior - Oulton Park by G B, on Flickr 2 Between the Barriers - Ginetta Juniors by G B, on Flickr 3 Matt Luff - Richardson Racing - 72 - Ginetta Junior by G B, on Flickr 4...
  16. Graphix501

    Silverstone 500 - British GT

    Hi all, My turn to post up a few, some good ones already on display here... Somehow it managed to stay sunny, which meant the heat haze and sweaty fireproofs were not appreciated (I'm clearly never happy). Here's the results, C&C most welcome as always.. thanks in advance 1. First time on...
  17. PhotoBoris

    Silverstone 12hr Grid & Paddock

    A few from the grid and the paddock at this event 1 Hankook Tyres - Hankook 12 hours of Silverstone by G B, on Flickr 2 In the Paddock - Hankook 12 hours of Silverstone by G B, on Flickr 3 Silverstone Course Car - Hankook 12 hours of Silverstone by G B, on Flickr 4 GRT Grasser Racing Team...
  18. PhotoBoris

    Kit question

    I am thinking of buying a new used second body (probably a 60D) to replace my ageing 400D alongside my main body which is a 70D. I was wondering how everyone organises and carries their kit whilst at the track? Since graduating to the Tamron 150 to 600, my old strategy of having a double...
  19. PhotoBoris

    Motorsport Photography

    Greetings all. I am looking for some help to improve my motorsport shots and I was wondering if you would be willing to give me the benefit of your collective experience. Firstly - focus. I am finding that I have quite a narrow plane of focus in my motorsport images - either the front or...
  20. Tom Whitmore

    Crtique My Website

    Hi guys, Little background before you go into it. I'm an aspiring automotive & motorsport freelance photographer, I've created a website but would really like some people to give their opinions on it. I only have Wix free hosting at the moment as I don't want to waste the money to host some...
  21. Tom Whitmore

    Beginner Selling your work - Motorsport Photos

    Hey everyone, this is more business-minded than anything but you may be able to help me. Before people tell me, yes I know the easiest way to find this out is asking the vendors themselves but this thought has only just come to me, so here goes. We've all seen the stalls at Motorsport events...
  22. OR Photography

    Shooting DRIFT

    Anyone on here shooting DRIFT ? :naughty:
  23. Graphix501

    My 2017 Motorsport Wrap Sheet

    Hi All, It might be a bit early but my motorsport season has come to an end. Been a busy year for me with season accreditation for the British GT, one-off media gigs for the WEC and Silverstone Classic (a couple of speccy outings for the Moto GP and F1 too). Met a lot of people and again have...
  24. Graphix501

    A spectators guide to shooting motorsport at Silverstone

    Hi all, During my spare time this year I've been writing a guide to shooting motorsport at Silverstone as a spectator - I saw something years ago for Oulton Park written by Matt Sayle - so I've tried to put something similar together for Silverstone. It's really aimed at new photographers and...
  25. Graphix501

    MotoGP from Silverstone (in the cheap seats again)

    Hey all, So it was back to using the steel mesh filter for me, definitely been spoilt this year - It's been a couple of years away from the 2 wheeled stuff, and I still know nothing :) Here's a few from me - C&C most welcome... 1. People kept waving and shouting at this guy? Valentino Rossi -...
  26. Graphix501

    British GT - Snetterton

    Hey everyone, so second round of the championship for me (3rd in the actual championship) - sunny for the most part as I've now ditched the curse of endless rain. Here's a very small selection of my efforts - C&C most welcome as always (the more honest the better - don't hold back :D) 1. The...
  27. johnty52

    New(ish) to the genre - A few from Oulton this Sunday

    Starting to work at motorsport recently and finding a few problems with the DoF, I'm getting sharpness at front or rear or middle (depending on where the focus was) but rarely all through, is this acceptable? I'm thinking that some of the angles are the problem (I accept my technique is not best...
  28. Graphix501

    Even more WEC - Silverstone

    Hey All, 2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for me with full season accreditation for the British GT, so naturally I skived off the first round to work media for the WEC instead :confused: Some great threads already posted in here, hopefully I don't let the side down considering I don't have...
  29. jkp

    Grant Rally at Knockhill

    First outing with my new set up, after selling my Canon gear and moving over to Sony. Well pleased with the outcome for a first time. The weather was usual Knockhill lucky bag. Was sunny in-between stages, then when the cars came out on the stages it snowed. I struggled a bit with exposure due...