TP Film and Conventional 2023 FFFSFA challenge.


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What is FFFSFA,(FFS)? Fixed Focus, Fixed Speed, Fixed Aperture​

In the past this was a 'Disposable Camera' challenge, however seeing how little chance there is nowadays to effectively recycle or refill all these cameras, the FFFSFA challenge was created in 2022 so now another year will run.

How it works​

The challenge is to post up to three photographs taken by you with a Fixed Focus, Fixed Speed, Fixed Aperture film camera¹ anytime between Santa Claus's visit in 2022 and the closing date in November 2023.

A thread on which to post those photos will be created on the last Sunday of October 2023 (29/10/23) . That will be the entries and voting thread. At the same time, another thread will be created on which to post any other photos you might wish to share, the reject/also ran thread.

The final date for entries is the last Sunday in November 2023 (26/11/23). Voting will take place from the close of entries for one week (to 3/12/23). You will be able vote for your three favourite photos.

The subject matter is open, up to you, do your own thing. Basic processing allowed, but nothing extreme. (I think we all know what is meant by this)

This thread is for discussion, chat and waffle as we move through another year.

If you are thinking of joining in then please let us know in this thread then you will automatically get updated if anything changes.


¹ Any film camera that does not allow you to change, or itself change automatically, focus, shutter speed or aperture is acceptable. We are sure we can trust that if you have a camera that is almost suitable to put some tape over any controls that would break the rules. If you are not sure if a particular camera fits the rules then ask in this thread. There are some commercially refilled/recycled film cameras nominally 'disposable, single use' those are acceptable or any disposable ones you still have unused. (See last years discussions on this link and the entries and reject/also ran shots ).
Picked this up at a car boot for a couple of quid last year. The watch is digital but the camera is not and will fit the bill for the 2023 FFFSFA Challenge.


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Having felt guilty about binning disposables over the past couple of years, I've now gone for this £22.95 delivered Agfa reusable with a single element, focus-free 31mm f9 lens and a single shutter speed of 1/120 sec, This bears a remarkable resemblance to the Ilford equivalent at some £12 more from this seller's other listings. ;)

I've now shot a roll of film in this Agfa cheapy and I'm back to tell you not to waste your money on one. It's hard to believe that the shot below was tightly framed on the railings either side of the swings, but that was absolutely the case. The framing in other shots was also wildly out, but maybe that's a design feature to let you crop out the distorted edges of the frame! The film was Kentmere 400 in replenished Xtol.

Possibly time for a bump of this thread? I ran a roll of 2012 XP2 Super through the simple Agfa and developed it in 1:49 HC-110 for 10 mins as it's supposed to be open to a wide exposure range. Hmmm :thinking: Dwarwick Pier shed, Caithness. (ps there were better shots ;)

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This monster is coming on holiday next week to Conwy!

The more I look at it the more I think the designers must have been deranged.
Unfortunately I brought it on holiday and didn't manage to get it to accept a film. I will try again tomorrow.
@dmb hasn't been on since 11th Dec, I hope he is okay, I'll message him. I know I shot a roll for this and thought I'd submitted something but it seems not.