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  10. moomike

    Chroma portrait

    I captured this image yesterday on my Chroma LF camera and Portra 400 - I just felt it looked better in black and white rather than colour - I also shot some HP5+ but have not had time to process them yet. Thanks @stevelmx5 :) Will have some images to upload from my RZ67 soon too. Cheers for...
  11. whateverwhatever

    How does this photographer achieve these colours?

    These images in the link have such a beautiful edit on them but I have no idea how to achieve it. I know she shoots film.. and might scan the negative as a positive and edit on top of that. It's not as simple as adding saturation or curve balance.. it doesn't even come close to having this...
  12. whateverwhatever

    How does this photographer achieve these colours in post?

    A few things I know about her work and how she shoots.. shoots on a hassy using varying film but mostly ektar 100. I think she pushes her film to 400 sometimes. I know she edits or did edit with the NIK collection on photoshop but I don't know how she gets these vivid dream like colours. Does...
  13. Dork Knight

    Blue High Speed X-Ray Film

    I was wondering if anyone shoots 4x5 with Blue X-Ray Film, the high speed stuff which would be shot around 40 to 125 ISO and if so where do you purchase your film from? I've recently purchased Washi B which comes in around £18 for 12 sheets, unfortunately I seriously injured myself so I...
  14. P

    Where to get film developed London

    Hi! Does anyone knwo where I could get my 35mm film developed and preinted to a resenoble price in southwest or southnorth London? Thankful for your responses! :)
  15. mipevo6

    Film / slide scanning at home?

    Folks, My sister pinged me a quick question regarding film/slide scanners. She has looked at :- This which is a Kodak all in1 scanner. It looks ok to me given the number of adaptors etc... Anybody got any thoughts on the best way forward for the requirement? Any "MUST HAVE" features? The...
  16. paleblue

    Getting back into film photography after 8 years

    I used to frequent this forum a lot, but took a long break from shooting film to concentrate on my education and career. I picked up a Canon 5D at some point in 2015, but I didn't have anything to show from it as there wasn't the same emotion attached that I had with my film photos from 8 years...
  17. Theslooser

    Bulk loading cassettes

    Hi All, I was recently given an Alden 74 daylight bulk loader and was wondering where to find reusable cassettes? I have found a few plastic ones but have heard mixed reviews. Any recommendations? I am a broke student so can't afford to spend a ton on them. Thanks
  18. P

    Recommend a film scanner.

    Hi digging through my parents cellar i found loads of circa 30 year old films (35mm) with family photos, all b&w. I would like to scan them over time. Could you recommend a scanner to say £100 second hand that will do a good job? If possible,but not absolutely necessary, should be capable of...
  19. compulsivehordr

    New Old Film Challenge #75 - Illuminate - entries **Poll Is Up!**

    This is the entry thread for the next instalment of the New Old Film Challenge. The theme this time is Illuminate. Standard rules as always: •Must be taken by you •Must be on film •Must have been taken, developed and scanned prior to the start date •Please include details of the camera, lens...
  20. N

    Kodak portra 400

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me as I am a beginner on film. I am using a Canon A1 with a 35-70mm lens and have just bought some Kodak Portra 400. I will be shooting indoors in a well lit room with neon lights. I have set my ISO to 400 to match the film but does anyone know what the...
  21. schlicksbier

    Any interesting stores in London for analogue photography?

    Since I will be in London for a few days: Are there any interesting stores for analogue photography / cameras? I know that London isn't a cheap place but the prices should be reasonable if you suggest a certain store ... :-)
  22. schlicksbier


    Big Ben by Erik Schlicksbier, auf Flickr Minolta X-300 with Kodak TMax 100 film
  23. schlicksbier

    Test about different film labs?

    Does anyone know about a test about the main film labs out there? I always stumble upon 3, 4 labs (Canadian Film Lab, MeinFilmLab, Carmencita, Indie Film Lab) but never found a real test comparing these labs ...
  24. FishyFish

    New Old Film Challenge 63 - The Postal System - Entries POLL ADDED

    It's my first go at doing one of these, so please yell if I muck it up in some way. My theme for the next challenge is... "The Postal System" - things part of, related to, or transported by the postal system anywhere in the world. I hope this gives plenty of scope for you all to find...
  25. TheBigYin

    New Old Film Challenge 62 - Spooky - Discussion Thread

    Talk / Whinge / Moan ;) about the topic here... No Picture submissions here folks - put them in the entries thead.
  26. TheBigYin

    New Old Film Challenge 62 - Spooky - Entries - POLL ADDED

    Okay, given my (non film) stuff for the past few years up until my recent shooting hiatus has all been "Candles, Skulls and Dimly lit rooms", this shouldn't come as a surprise, but my topic for the next challenge is "SPOOKY" (not @Spooky - an entire thread of pictures of the same person...
  27. ChrisR

    B&W Developers... waddya know???

    I've been developing my own black and white films for a couple of years, but I've only used Ilfosol 3 so far. It was what was on offer in the shop where I bought my first set of chemicals, and when the first bottle was finishing I simply bought some more. Now that bottle is also finishing, and I...
  28. Threeracers

    Fillum in Newcastle?

    After a bit of a break - and repeatedly packing my neglected Hasselblad on trips - I have rekindled my love for photography and run out of film! There were four rolls of HP5 in the depths of my dusty old Billingham and two days into my five day escape to the Pennines I am on my last roll...
  29. T

    TV Request - Undeveloped Film

    Hello all, I'm looking for people with undeveloped rolls of film that have been shot for a potential television programme (UK based). Have a rummage in the cellar/loft and see what you might stumble upon! Participants will have undeveloped rolls of film. They may or may not remember what...
  30. T

    TV Project - Undeveloped Film

    Hello all, I'm looking for people with undeveloped rolls of film that have been shot for a potential television programme (UK based). Have a rummage in the cellar/loft and see what you might stumble upon! Participants will have undeveloped rolls of film. They may or may not remember what...