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    More with the 100mm

    3 & 4 - cracking :)
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    Great North Run 2005

    Ahh, well there's a little story there, as it's been cropped and had a little cloning. I had only a few seconds notice they were coming which was kindly shouted out by the BBC cameraman who was working the boom camera next to where I'd pitched, so the original looks like this...
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    Photography round 6 - Black and white - closing date 11/09

    Well done Steve! - I knew that was yours. Congrats to all. Now then, wonder what's next...:)
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    Great North Run 2005

    Er, I hadn't noticed that! :D
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    Great North Run 2005

    Thanks for the comments :). Those about the gallery have been taken on board! Have a look now and I think you'll find it improved. Not sure about Firefox yet but I'm working on it.
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    back from Qatar

    The sunglasses shot is, as an idea, great but it would need to be cleaner (no sand on the lens). The last pic is, IMHO, a cracker - you've captured the atmosphere well. If I had one improvement it would be to "warm" it up a bit with a bit of post processing.
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    Great North Run 2005

    Actually, I'm not that sure about the gallery either, but it's very quick to set up and has a cleanish appearance. Maybe if the thumbs were bigger? Any opinions gratefully recieved, good and bad.
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    Annoying composition? Close-up shot

    I like that, and as has been already said, the rules are there to be broken, except you haven't really, as the picture is broken into vertical thirds, just with the focal point in the middle one. Just wondering if a tone (any primary colour) might suit this pic better
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    Great North Run 2005

    Some pictures from the Great North Run. There's too many to link to directly so I've put them in a web gallery.
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    Fruit macros

    Thanks for all the comments! :) I think I've achieved what I set out to, and I'll have another go with the lemons and add some more DOF.
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    Heaton Hall. One from this morning.

    Duly tinkered with...:) Converted to mono using Convert to B&W Pro, with red filter and Ilford FP4 settings.
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    Fruit macros

    Been trying my hand at some macros of fruit with the intention of getting the syle of pics often seen in lifestyle magazines. I've posted two as I think only one wouldn't have got what I was trying to do across. Both taken with 1D mark II and Sigma 105mm EX DG Macro. 1/30 f/2.8 ISO100...
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    How NOT to clean your DSLR sensor.. Can they be serious?!
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    I've also got a 10D on my policy and I've done exactly that.
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    End of the line.

    Many thanks!