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    Has anyone done a boating holiday (Norfolk Broads)?

    If you moor up in Yarmouth be aware of tidal range or you could return to your boat to find it hanging from it's moorings.
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    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Happened to me many times on A14
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    Used Car Help - How Many Miles Is Too Many?

    BMW was bottom in j d power 2017 reliability survey. I would expect huge bills. My son bought 3 series with 133k mileage, within months needed a gear box. A Friend bought his 5 series from his employer, it had just over 100k on clock and looked brand new and had been well looked after. Engine...
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    Wex or MPB for selling kit?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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    Wex or MPB for selling kit?

    Would be grateful for any feedback on experiences with dealing with Wex and MPB, in particular on prices offered when selling. Have used MPB both for buying and selling in the past and was quite satisfied but I have a lot of gear to sell and would prefer to do it in one transaction and face to...
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    F1 - 2018 discussion

    May not have been an error.... Ferrari seem to be making a habit of taking out mercs.
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    A terrible week at work

    Exactly this.
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    Wheelie bin 'cupboards'???

    Yep. My property looks like a waste disposal yard with all the recycling bins we have to have. Recently read an article in CIWM mag that claims recycling plastic is causing the sea pollution, and should be used as RDF.
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    World Cup 2018

    Yep. I agree. Although they can only play the team in front of them.
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    The Official I'd rather watch paint dry for the next 4 weeks thread

    I have a suspicion that watching paint dry will be less disappointing.
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    F1 - 2018 discussion

    Could be but at the rate they seem to be getting through parts and the restrictions on numbers that may be risky.
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    Leaving a car unused for 3 months

    Unless it was a range rover HSE. Then you have to recalibrate the steering and the sun roof!!
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    Nikon En-El14 replacement

    You may get a more reliable choice on Amazon. I have bought copy batteries for D300 D3 and D4 from there in the past and all have been good.
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    Whatever you do, I would cover the front element to protect it first.