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    Weekly Sheylara (DSLR Noob) 52 for 2016 - Week 19-22 added

    Horizontal - excellent, very artistic and love the colours but even in B&W would make an interesting photo. Rough - agree with other comments - would have liked the jar in a focus too
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    Weekly Bernd's 52 of 2016 - week 52: Celebrate added and done

    Your Horizontal shot is excellent. Love it. Love the frozen action of Rough too
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    Weekly d00d's 52 in 2016 ... week 52 celebration

    Rough - nice rusty and rough look, good photo
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    Weekly Clives TP 52 Week 52: Celebrate

    I like the tree. And like them all 2gether but agree that any combination would probably make a good shot for the theme
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    Weekly Minx 52 for 2016 -Finished

    Rough - definitely 1st picture - good photo for the theme
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    Weekly Naka's 52 for 2016: Week 17 - Rough

    Rough - good choice for the theme
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    Weekly Stevesc's 52 in 2016. Week 35 "Black and White" added

    Love Technology shot - excellent. The rough is a good choice but I have to admit I didn't know first what was that - interesting though
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    Weekly 2009, 2011, 2016! Kennysarmy's third 52 week challenge...

    Excellent choice for the theme - could be also for Effort. Like the colours
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    Weekly Purplepleasers 2016 52 Flora

    Rough in B&W makes sense. Like the middle one especially - rough wall is it?
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    Posiview's TP52 2016. Week 52 Celebrate added. FINISHED :)

    Love your photo, especially the clouds in the backround; well done for the theme