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    Petition to halt Badger culling.

    I've signed :)!
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    How has Lockdown affected your photography?

    Ever so useful! Great! Thank you very much:)! Well done - what a great project that's proved itself!
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    Your best photo on your worst camera

    Canon Ixus 105 :)...
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    Does anyone have a camera that's always with you?

    Yes! I always have a camera with me :)! When I don't want to carry the big ones, I have either my Canon Ixus 105 or my Panasonic Lumix TZ55 in my pocket!
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    Hello Jack - I've just seen this! I live next door to the Severn and the swans are my neighbours. I'm a big fan:)! A useful source for advice is The Swan Sanctuary and they have an emergency phone number (landline):
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    Bird on a branch....

    Astounding- absolutely beautiful:)!
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    Bridge camera recommendations

    Hi! I haven't been here for a while either:)! I can second Cagey75's recommendations. I bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ72 about 6 months ago from Amazon Marketplace - £199 - refurbished with guarantee. The FZ82 is a later model. I've been very happy with it. No complaints. It's what you do with...
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    Where developes film?

    Good morning, Adam! Boots still develop film. You can order prints or have the pics put on a disc - or both! Google 'Boots photography services'. I have an Olympus film camera and that's where I take the films. Give it a go!
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    Answered Major Spam attack occuring

    Reported about an hour ago:(!
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    London What to do in SE London?

    Hi Gordon:)! My sister-in-law lives in SE London but I don't the area that well. This website might give some pointers...
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    Best way to batch resize

    Hi Thomas:)! I use FastStone Photo Resizer - might be worth a look:
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    Photo Editing - what's your view?

    Yes, please;)!
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    Hopeful plea... Can anyone help please?

    Following on from Chris's idea, here are the contact details for Caernarfon Camera Club - might be worth a try:
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    Would you return a item to a charity shop?

    In spring, 2015, I found an old Canon Powershot A40 in a local charity shop. The previous owner had left A4 batteries in - I thought there might have been some damage. The camera needed a CF card, which I was not previously familiar with. I bought it for £8 and wouldn't have dreamt of returning...
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    Beginner Photography course or group near Chester

    Hi Andy! Welcome:welcome:! I lived in Chester for 2 years. I don't know but have a look here...